OW crashing computer

My computer has recently started crashing only when playing OW. Haven’t been able to replicate it with any other game. It will happen pretty quickly usually but sometimes after many games. My screen will go black and i can hear audio for 5-10 seconds then that crashes too. The fans on my GPU also go full speed after everything crashes. Ive ran stress tests. GPU stays roughtly 70C and didnt get any crashes. My GPU is an RTX 2070. I dont think its the render device lost issue because ive never got that error and it totally locks computer up. Have to hold power button to stop. Have updated windows and graphics drives. Sent ticket to Bliz tech support with MSinfo & dxdiag and everything looked good to them. I can post it again though. Tried some other odd things they & other people suggest with no change. Repaired game. Uninstalled possibly conflictng programs. Pretty out of ideas now. Played for past few months at least with this card with no problems.

Sounds like there may be a hardware issue or power issues going on, since it’s just going black with no error message. In my experience this usually indicates either the GPU is failing, there’s a problem between the GPU and motherboard, or the power supply is having issues.

Have you tried the Overwatch.exe rename workaround for the RTX cards and rendering device lost error just to see if that makes a difference?

Unfortunately beyond that you are likely getting to the point of having to do hardware troubleshooting, which is outside of our scope of support. If this was a pre-built system you may want to contact the manufacturer or seller to see what kind of warranty or support they can offer.