OW content creators are really panicked

Not to throw anyone under the bus cuz I respect them but I recall a NEWS Report being spoken about that was indeed misleading to NEW Players telling them that OW2 not allowing everyone NEW to walk right into Comp as being underhanded and disrespectful towards them being they cannot just play OLD Heroes immediately from OW1 roster.

It’s taken out of context & ignoring the FACT that such NEW Players are experiencing OW2 as if it is OW1

Hes honest and generally has good insight into the pro scene and how the game works :face_with_monocle:

He doesn’t even like playing the game, and he’s the most condescending, insulting person in OWL by far.

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I agree w/ him. There’s rhyme & reason behind such acts just as much as Phone # allocation regardless of myself & others being annoyed by such.

I complain to Blizzard & vent my frustration to y’all not the general know nothing public whom will immediately frown upon OW2 launch.

You agree that those articles are misinformation? Then you are just lying like he is. Because the headlines and the articles are objectively true.

It’s not about whether you agree with the policy, it’s about whether saying “This policy exists” is a lie. It’s not.


I think they are pushing a clear agenda against OW2 yes. I am not. I reworded my statement.

By simply saying that Blizzard’s policy exists? What should the headline look like, then?

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I can at least understand his frustration. It’s not technically “misinformation” but the headlines leave out details that make it seem worse than it is.

“New Overwatch 2 accounts have to unlock old heroes, too” on its own makes it sound like they’re all being put behind the battle pass or something, for example.

And that Twitter thread talking about the articles is just awful :joy:
“I’m not buying your game Blizzard GO AWAY”

There is some bad journalism out there though, I read a Kotaku article yesterday stated that OW1 costed $60 and that you needed the watchpoint pack to unlock kiriko


Your Overwatch pointed out how they deliberately mislead the public via being ignorant on purpose. Idk about the Voice Chat article tbh. I have not read neither report.

That’s what I am gathering too viewing such for the very 1st time but heard about 1/2 of the picture due to content creators.

You mean the guy with the recent video about how OW2 has the best Battle Pass in all of gaming? That unbiased, objective observer?

Thanks for stopping by, really incredible contribution.


Well I don’t necessarily agree w/ everything either him or Stylosa or MasterIanGamer or BroYouWack nor do I claim to always agree w/ anyone else.

I still support OW and wouldn’t attempt to make the game out as being awful for consumers via my biased Reports to the general Public.

I’m not reading such Reports cuz I’m into OW gaming & not random Joe the Journalist blatantly biased opinion piece.

For some reason, a lot of people seem to have been under the impression that they wouldn’t be playing Overwatch 2 PVP as “Overwatch 1 players” when that was never actually the case. The problem is, it only became a significant difference when 5v5 was announced.

Their marketing is an absolute disaster. I wouldn’t blame them too much for people being stupid if they had rebranded Overwatch 2 once they committed to a F2P transition and it was clear that they weren’t actually releasing a sequel. But they deserve all this confusion because they themselves are clearly confused as to what this actually is.

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Blizzard pretty sketchy about everything. OW2, the planned sequel, was supposed to the pve addition, with the OW1 pvp getting an updated engine and characters. They quietly went back on all that, and are hoping nobody notices.


No? They publicly announced their change of plans back in March :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did they address their original plan? No, they just swept it all under the rug and pretended nothing happened.

Absolutely. I agree there’s plenty of room to criticize Blizzard atm but amongst ourselves NOT randoms whom do NOT even have a grasp for the situation.

Do either one of those supposed Journalists even have OW accounts? So whom am I supposed to side w/ ourselves or outsiders looking inwards from afar?

What are you talking about? They told us that they were decoupling the PVP and PVE releases (i.e. the original plan) and that the PVP was being brought forward.

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That’s not the OP Topic tho…….

OW Players are frustrated by those whom Report upon subjects via biased perspectives rather than open minded two sides to the story interpreters since they don’t grasp the situation fully.

I don’t feel any obligation to protect Blizzard, why should I?

OW was one of the most highly acclaimed games of all time, the consensus game of the year in 2016. Journalists loved OW, there are still tons of OW superfans at major gaming outlets. The idea that they would only criticize it because they haven’t played is laughable.