Overwatch x Twitch: Support a Streamer

Well I’ll get it for subbing to ML7, which I do anyway and I do like the skin (though it isn’t anything special)

But otherwise … just…. No… to all of this.

Not the Vibe Blizzard lizards!

And I’m the understanding one.


Oh great. Streamers get the reward for all the good deeds they made like: NDA saga where they were super excited but couldn’t tell anyone or that time when cash was falling from the sky when 1. beta drops were happening. WTH.


omg I didn’t think of that… so they’ll be making money off it too.

maybe this is what all the kickass streamers were saying when they said “2022’s gonna be amazing”

meaning: “Blizzard’s going to make you pay us to get things in game!”


Make it open to every ow streamer or you’re more of an evil joke of a company than I thought possible…


This stinks.

Why is this parasitic side industry of socially inept shut-ins who provide zero value to society something that needs to be included in the OW2 economy?

When’s the skin coming for loyal players who work in actual jobs, who are actually paying for your game and not being paid to play it?


This is just money being spent to advertise OW2, for a skin that’s ultimately not worth the price. Just make it obtainable by watching them, and nothing more, seriously.


Wait who we talking about?

Can’t wait to watch a streamer play a game almost nobody else can unless they paid $40 for the watchpoint pack :slight_smile:


mid skin

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i still have hope that we would actually all get the beta key, since they said they want to see how the servers will handle players … copium

how would you like me to support them with my bank account?

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Blizzard should hire a guy whose entire purpose is to ask “is this really a good idea?”


I have enough experience trying to sign up to limited things to know I won’t get in until the last weekend. Never got into the invite only hearthstone beta, and a number of other things. Not once. At least beta 1 had twitch drops :man_shrugging:


Can we see the whole skin before you ask us to spend $15 on supporting the basement dwellers?


Couldynt you pick smal streamers? from list I see bold fat fishes, they already got money.

Damn I wanna support streamer that start some time ago and that would be better.

The idea is good but what you done :-1:

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Hey, i’d love to support SMALLER streamers.

— Thanks


Nah man remember why all the streamers said " we had this super exclusive meeting in a video chat and omg!!! I cant say but man ow2 is going to be amazing!!! Wow oh wow! I signed an nda so i cant tell you all but man its crayyyyyyyyy af!!!" Then we got a crappy 4 maps and 1 new hero. 2 of the maps we knew from last year and sojourn we knew too. This is why those streamers hype up nothing. They want these perks. This is a little way of getting us to pay for their liar parade to hype up the game even when they know nothing at all.

They made that nda super secret exclusive meeting seem so insane then we got nothing lol. No news. Wtf was the nda for? Dont tell people we promised you beta access if you lie to people and tell them we showed you something awesome??? I think so…


That skin is not worth $18 lol.