Overwatch works fine in the practice range and custom games but not in quick play or comp

i have recently bought a new cpu because my old one was out dated (i got the ryzen 3 2200g) my gpu is an rx 560 4gb version. when ever i go to play overwatch i go to the practice range and average 130-150 fps ( i normally have it caped to about 120 so i dont have frame jumps) and i hop into quick play as a warm up match and bam no hero models and 12 to 20 fps and it feels terrible


  1. my cpu is not reaching above 60 degrees Celsius
  2. my gpu is no where near maxed out
  3. my drivers are up to date

Since you have a Ryzen CPU, I suggest following the steps here, even if you aren’t crashing.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, follow the steps here, and post the dxdiag as a reply to this topic or contact Blizzard directly through the link in that post.