Overwatch won't start

I re-ran ccleaner with windows event logs checked and it reduced the size of the msinfo
and I used the DDU and reinstalled the 1650 drivers, still couldn’t open overwatch
i uninstalled LGHub, still couldn’t open overwatch
this is the new MSInfo:

[Start-up Programs]

Opera Browser Assistant	
- Gaijin.Net Updater
- Discord	
- EADM (origin)
- Overwolf
- WallpaperEngine
Opera GX Browser Assistant
- CCleaner Smart Cleaning
WinZip Preloader	
WinZip UN
- Riot Vanguard
- AVGUI.exe (especially this one)

The error Windows is producing when trying to open Overwatch is incredibly general, and can mean anything from permission issues to bad RAM, which is why this has been so difficult to figure out.

However, I’d like to refer back to Uldrision’s earlier statements about something blocking the client. There are many overlays – and even an antivirus aside from Windows Defender – launching as soon as you start up the PC. I recommend removing everything I marked in red above from loading on startup, rebooting, and trying again. This can be done by opening the task manager and heading to the Startup tab. Right-click on each service and choose Disable.

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I’ve uninstalled a lot of these programs, all except discord(because I use it all the time and am hoping I can get overwatch to work with it installed, but I will uninstall it if I have to), gaijin and AVGUI because I don’t know what they are, how to access them and they don’t come up in the uninstaller window.
new msinfo:

Please carefully follow the instructions, as you only needed to disable them from loading when starting Windows. The same goes for Discord; just prevent it from running immediately, so you can test opening the game.

The ones I am most concerned about are still showing up as loading: WallpaperEngine and Riot Vanguard. Again, please disable these in the Startup tab of Task Manager.

AVGUI, as in AVG the antivirus software. Temporarily uninstalling AVG, and later switching to a different antivirus software (or just using the default Windows one), is likely to help this issue.

If none of this helps, perform a system file check to make sure there are no corrupted files in your Windows install.

Finally, if nothing above helps, try a new administrator account.

I’ve disabled literally everything in my start up just in case, ran the repairing windows error thing and it still wouldn’t open
I then created an administrator account and it still wouldn’t open when on that
this is so annoying
new MSInfo (if you need that):

The same general launch error is appearing, with the BEX tag mentioned earlier (windows errors). I really think it would be best to work with the staff via the ticket system. Make sure to point them to this thread to skip ahead in the process a bit.

Quick access link for tickets

My overwatch is doing the same thing, I just bought it today and I can’t even play. Help, please.

Please make your own thread with your diagnostic test or open a ticket.