Overwatch Won't Open, Black Screen

I played Overwatch fine yesterday afternoon. Later that evening, Overwatch wouldn’t open, and it still won’t open. It shows a black screen for a second, then closes. I have done everything Blizzard has suggested to fix the issue, and still it does not work.

MSInfo32: pastebin/v4DvgZQS
DxDiag: pastebin/dQ1cZFqy

Please help. I’d like the Tracer skin.

I think you’ve probably gone through all the basic troubleshooting, but just to be sure:

  1. When did this problem you’re describing first occur? Have you made any recent change to your PC that may be the culprit?
  2. Have you recently come across black screens in any other games/programs?
  3. Are all your drivers updated (most importantly your GPU drivers. If you want any software that handles all driver updates automatically though, I can help you with that).
  4. Did you update Overwatch/Battle.net normally and without any errors? Wanna do a Scan & Repair/Reset In-Game Options on Overwatch and see if the problem persists?
  5. Try turning off all AntiVirus/Cleaner programs and see if it works. This used to be the cause of black screens on Overwatch for me about 2 years ago…

Good luck!

I’ve gone through Nvidia and Windows updates. I’ve scanned the game, uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve reset my Nvidia 3D settings. I changed fullscreen settings from GEForce Experience. I ran a memory scan on my PC. I uninstalled CCleaner. I’ve searched for “Razer” and “Rz” files on my computer several times with no results.

Howdy PocketBoy,

I looked through the MSinfo and found this

9/16/2020 7:22 AM Application Error Faulting application name: Overwatch.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5f5705e6 Faulting module name: RzChromaSDK64.dll

I would suggest going through the steps listed here.

I noticed that too, but as I said above, I have scrubbed my computer of all Razer files and programs. I thought I got rid of them months ago, but there were a couple of stragglers I found yesterday. Since deleting them all, I still have this issue. I have searched for that exact file name in my computer and nothing comes up.

If the game continues to crash with that error, it indicates that the Chroma files are still on the system somewhere. Go through the steps exactly as listed in that forum post. You can also try reinstalling Razer 3 which sometimes helps. Otherwise, you will need to contact Razer for more help with removing that software.

I installed Razer Synapse 3, followed the steps to disable the Chroma effect on OVerwatch, and booted Overwatch. It ran. I uninstalled Synapse and Chroma Connect immediately. I opened Overwatch again, and it worked. Just writing down my steps here in case others have the same issue in the future.

Side note: Screw you, Razer. Keep your terrible background programs off my machine.