Overwatch wont lemme log in!

Hi, im actually done with your game…
I have had this prob for 2 days 3 weeks ago.
Now the event dropped and i wanna play like everybody else, but no, i cant even LOG IN.
Before the event dropped my friends couldnt play the game for 5 mins straight without it ddoesing (i think thats what it is).
Either way, please, fix your game, its the best game and will always be imho
But you gotta fix it blizz
Im counting on you, please fix your game.
Sometimes i get this error: unexpected server error occured
And sometimes i get another error, which i cant really recall, but its something with the fact that I need to restart the client, which i did like 7 times, and same with logging out of battlenet.

Where are you connecting from? What region?

DDoSing is generally an attack on servers, where too many requests are sent at once and flood the server. That hasn’t happened for a bit, and Blizzard usually reports if it happens to their servers on Twitter. These attacks are performed by third-parties with malicious intent.

Can you provide a WinMTR to diagnose the connection issue?

WinMTR instructions (click to expand/collapse)

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  2. Paste the text in a reply, highlight it, then click </> on the post editor.
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Its alright, has been working for like 2 weeks straight.
But i have another problem: I usually play comp, and mid match it decides to disconnect me from battle.net and the game itself…
For like a minute or so
Yesterday i played a couple of comp games, and in two of them ive been disconnected…
Lost about 100 - 120 SR and Im VERY pissed cause it took me some time to go up to plat and then I fall 100 - 120 SR because of a stupid reason…
No way to give me my sr back?
Oh and ive been suspended for like 30 mins first time and a hour for the second time I think…

You’re probably still having a connectivity issue, but it can’t be diagnosed without a WinMTR at the very least.

Blizzard does not refund SR for any reason. More info here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

Happened again, just now… Im litterly connecting back in rn and it says it failed to find the server or smth
Ok i downloaded the thing you asked me to download.
I didnt get which ip im suppose to enter

The IP is listed on the instructions page. Choose Overwatch and your region.

Oh, mb, i was sure the dropdown was in the program
Nothing seems to come up, theres no error and no nothing…
Followed the instructions as they say and i cant seem to get any errors
I feel like its only in comp