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Encore matches give OWL tokens as well right or no?

Question regarding the overwatch league perks from tourney viewing
I see the OWL theme skins “gray/white” are like the OWL skins in the past that came from twitch viewing.
My question is will they give a chance to re-earn skins that were offered during the twitch days? “this is assuming they are the same skins”

If I leave my tab open on the live in 2hrs stream and not refresh will i still get tokens or will I have to refresh to get the tokens? This is for youtube.

Yes, they are the same skins. This is a new release, so if somebody have already the “twitch” skins, it will be repeated (like a lot of us with Tracer’s, but this time we’ll get the white variant too (it’s a bit weird to read “these skins includes both…” and in fact some of them are only the grey/copper variant, like Moira, McCree, etc).
So we’ll simple wait to know what skins will be available.

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Hmm that also makes me curious about the pacing of the skins, for instance, if it’s literally only one hero per tournament., it will take forever to collect them all. There are only 4 tournaments this year

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I think they still reward tokens. This is from the OWL webpage:

“ Encore matches are different from normal match VODs because you can still earn viewership rewards and enjoy watching together with other fans on our YouTube channel, website, or mobile app as they air.”

Also, I gained 25 tokens from APAC broadcast.

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same here, a total of 40 tokens from day 1 broadcast. 15+25.

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Which platform did you watch on?

I also earned 40 tokens, like Ikhoward. I watched through the OWL website with the pink dot active.

Yes they will

It is believed there will be a new opportunity in the future to get those skins again. Whether it be through this season’s promos or not is unknown

You should try to keep the stream focused, but at the very least make sure the volume is not muted and make sure a part of the streaming window is in view.


10 more tokens from the encore. A total of 50 tokens from day 1. This proves the encore matches give OWL tokens as well.

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Did you saw the encore games from the web?

OWL app isn’t letting me login =/ everytime I attempt to login it just directs me to the homepage of the app.

Guess I’ll use Chrome on Android to farm extra hours while I sleep. I am too tired to be on the PC any longer. I just do not trust the YouTube mobile app counting my hours.

I’ve watched 7hrs of OWL and haven’t got any token drops from 4hrs+. I have link my accounts and have been logged in the entire time. I should have around like 15 or 20 tokens now. Is there anything I can do? The same problem occured yesterday too. TL;DR: I only got about half of the tokens I was suppost to get and basically haven’t received like 4 or 3 drops of tokens

Your post is confusing Raphael. You said you didn’t get any tokens or only got about half? If you only got about half and have been watching on YouTube, then that is working right as it takes as much as a day for the tokens to drop.

I don’t see the diamond thing in YT. I connected my acc from both the YT page and blizzard website.

Also i got tokens only once through the OWL website even though I watched few more hours afterwards.

It is right below the video player on the YouTube desktop page or mobile app. Note, if you are on a alternate device like console, connecting may not work.

Also make sure you are on the Overwatch League channel and not on a co-stream on the PlayOverwatch channel.

I am on PC and I don’t see any of those buttons.

Post me a screenshot if you can.

Edit: Nvm. I found out what the issue is.
it is boardcased on PlayOverwatch channel and it doesn’t have it only there.