Overwatch Spectrum Alliance: Discord for Neurodiverse Heroes

It’s hard, having to play against others who aren’t like you on Overwatch 2, a game so many care about. Often, as those on the autism spectrum and of other disorders, we’re often targets of abuse and conflict. Players can have a go at us, make assumptions too quickly, and just be too toxic. It’s a sad story, really.

That’s when I thought: “Hey, if I keep seeing this, I know I’m not alone.” So, I’ve began a brand new server: the Overwatch Spectrum Alliance. What we’re here for? Our place is safe for the neurodiverse Overwatchers out there, anywhere in the world, on any console. We’ve got tons of role customization, group finding, text and voice channels, plus even tips, tricks and places to find help and support.

We’re very user-focused and equal. We make sure everyone has their voice and chance to do their part. If you have any suggestions for us, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in our forums.

I hope you can join us and settle into our haven for neurodiverse players. We look forward to having you with us. :blush:

LINK (add https://) discord.gg/35vpNcZveM


Welcome to the Alliance! Our place is a haven for anyone on the autism spectrum or who has any other disorders who need a community of fellow Overwatchers that get them. Here is all of the important rules you need to know to stay safe and enjoy your time with us.

1: Respect and Inclusivity

Respect each other’s race, gender, sexuality, nationality, neurodiversity and values. Discriminatory language, including racism and homophobia, is not tolerated.

2: No Swearing, Abuse or Hateful Interaction

Maintain a respectful tone. Avoid hate speech, any swearing, stalking, threatening and any forms of verbal harm. Remember, our words can have a big impact on others. Automated filters will remove explicit content.

3: No Spamming or Flooding

Avoid spamming messages or using excessive caps.

4: Share Appropriate Content Only

Refrain from posting sensitive content, including but not limited to pornography, sex, nudity or violence. Ensure what you share is suitable for all members. If in doubt, refer to the channel-info or ask a moderator.

5: Be Relevant

Use channels for their intended purpose. If you’re unsure, the channel-info is there to guide you.

6: Respect and Follow Moderator Guidance

Our moderators and admins are here to help. Please do not disrespect them in any way, shape or form: follow their instructions to keep our server a great place. They are also your go-to for any issues during gameplay that arise.

7: Protect Your Information

Do not share passwords or harmful links in public channels, and open links only if you are certain of what they are.

8: Respect Boundaries

Everyone’s comfort level is different. Please respect each member’s privacy and personal boundaries, both in and out of the game. If someone seems unsure, upset, or overwhelmed, it’s important to give them space and time to regroup. In-game, be considerate; avoid criticizing players for their performance. Encourage rather than demand from them, and when regrouping or strategizing is needed, communicate clearly without urgency or pressure.

9: Speak to Us if You’ve Got a Problem

We recognize that members of our community, particularly those on the autism spectrum and with other disorders, may be more susceptible to distress due to the general Overwatch community and negative interactions. If you feel targeted, overwhelmed, or distressed, please reach out to a moderator or admin. We are here to support you, so go to the #help channel if you need it.


What a great idea! Maybe others will find this resource useful!!!

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