Overwatch servers got me comp banned

I don’t know where else to post this problem, but hopefully some sort of overwatch staff member can help out. I play on xbox one, I just made this battle tag to post this problem. So the game was going normally, My team with 1 point, enemy team at one point. My team was at around 98% on the winning objective, and I see the little red bad connection sign to the left of my screen and I freak out. It goes to 99% and stops for like 20 seconds, until it kicks me out of the game, -50 SR, Comp ban. I don’t know why it went to a comp ban after 2 times when I had to leave due to family things, but I truly did not quit on purpose, with any means to stop the comp game. Most times I’m about to win as well, but instead of a +20 sr or something, its a -50. Could I please get an unban from comp? I’m at risk of being kicked from my server and I had no say in my being removed from the game. Thank you for reading.

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All disconnections will count as leaving the game and will be penalized appropriately. DO NOT play a high-stakes game mode like Competitive unless you are certain you can complete the match. Leaving for “family matters” is not a valid excuse. If this is just a season ban, you should be able to play in Competitive again next season unless you have three season bans on record (which then the ban is permanent). Competitive bans cannot be appealed.