Overwatch ranking

Ok so im am winning overwatch competitive match i was at silver 1 going to gold and i keep winning match left and right but the ranking system keeps lowering and lowering me down i was at silver 5 just now, and all of a sudden it pushed me down again after i finished this match i want from Silver 5 to bronze 4 is their something wrong with he ranking system or like what did i do, dose anyone know?

Same here, I’m on PS4, I went from silver 2 to gold 4, and Ive been winning the 5 required and Everytime I only que downgraded, to gold 5, silver and so on, it’s normal or what, just seems like it’s only a waste of time, playing and winning over than 20 matches to get negative results? I found it very confusing to get some contact support and ended here. Sorry English is not my main language. Have a nice day

Someone can help me about the ranked problem, anyone get help from support or maintainers?

I’m in going up and down between the divison 4 and 5 of gold ranked more than 10 times! This was lock after 5 march won in division 1 of gold rank.

And i can see a lot of comment about the ranked problem, so someone get support or help of blizzards staff support?

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