Overwatch: Origins Edition, not compatible (PS5)


Apologies if has been mentioned elsewhere, but I did a search and couldn’t find anything.

I recently got a PS5 and wanted to download an FPS to test out the feel of the controllers and how I compare on the new system, so I wanted to download Overwatch given my many hours and familiarity with it.

However, it seems like Overwatch: Origins Edition is not supported by the PS5 and it’s requesting me to download (at full price) the ‘Legendary Edition’ which came out later and naturally I didn’t purchase as OE is the pre-order version.

It just sucks to be locked out of an old favourite of mine and I’m hoping to hear it’s being worked on, or if there’s a solution I’ve overlooked.

I appreciate any help.


To confirm do you own your copy of Overwatch Origins Edition by disc or was it a digital purchase on the PlayStation Store?

If a hard disc, try inserting the disc itself (presuming you have the upscale version of the PS5 with the disc drive). If you have the digital only version PS5, you will need to repurchase the current digital version of the game from the PlayStation Store anyways.

I have the same issue. I bought digitally overwatch origins. Now i can’t find it on the store on my ps5. My ps5 is digital edition. Please reply asap.

Same Issue. I bought the digital Origins Edition. It is in my library on my PS4 but not the PS5. Would love to know if there is a solution.

Is there an update on this? I’m in the same boat and it seems pretty messed up.

Same issue here. Was on the phone with Playstation Support. It’s a Blizzard issue since Overwatch Origins is not an option on PS5 there seems to be no way to fix this on the Sony side of things.

I bought Overwatch origins digital edition on the ps4 and is not showing up on my game collection list (on my ps5). all my other purchased games are there (even if a ps4 game).

If this is a bug, can we get an update on this. Thanks.

I also have a Playstation 5, I bought overwatch origins when it first came out digitally and I cannot download it on my PlayStation 5. Could we please get an update on this issue

Hey there!

The game should work on either PS4 or PS5 regardless, there haven’t been any changes specific to PS5. It might be best to confirm the following:

  • If the purchase was digital, please reach out to Sony to verify the purchase status.
  • Please double check your PSN ID and Battletag to ensure they match the old system!
  • If the PSN account is not linked to a Blizzard account this can be done here.

Hope the info helps. Cheers!

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Now works, fixed! Thanks guys! <3

How did you fix it? Don’t see it under my purchases.


Holy S**t I’ve figured it out.

Step 1: Go to settings, then third from the bottom it says something like ‘Saved Data and Game/App settings’ (my settings are in german)

Step 2: Go to saved Data → Cloud-Saves and find overwatch, then download the small file

Step 3: In the main menu go to the far right, and Overwatch should now be in your
game library

Step 4: Save yourself 60 Euros :slight_smile:

Remember not to be toxic <3

yes, but it’s a trial version and i can’t play ranked

So I’ll just assume that y’all are never going to fix this issue? For real, Ive had to settle with the trial version up until the last update. Then it comes through today and im locked out yet again. I have done literally everything asked of me. Bought the watchpoint pack. Linked my account. Uploaded and downloaded online storage. Nothing works. Couldn’t get into the Beta? Fine, i can deal with it. Spoke to Sony several times, and it’s always the same answer(s). Literally the same ones everyone else is dealing with. I’m actually sick of it.

Sounds like I’m venting, because I am. But my problem still stands.