Overwatch not launching at all

Hey all, so about 3 weeks back I had updated to the most recent patch and I played the game a couple times. After taking a day or two off from playing, I went to play and upon trying to launch, the game would launch the black screen as if it was going to launch, but I keep getting a box that pops up and says, “Overwatch has stopped working”. I believe it then says it’s due to an issue with windows? I’ve tried about 6-7 methods to fix this from articles and even other support threads on here and nothing has worked. Anyone out there think they can help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Hey there,

First check out this post and see if it helps out with the crashing on launch.

If that doesn’t do the trick I’d recommend submitting a ticket and include the exact error message (screenshot if you can) and your DXDIAG / MSINFO files which will help diagnose what is causing this.