Overwatch matchmaking ban from nothing

this has happened two times now and it’s getting annoying
i have a clip of it happening to me but i can’t post links here so sadge i guess.

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I also had this happen to me twice. I disconnect and reconnect within 10 seconds both times - much less than the 30 seconds the GM stated and am instantly timed out. I also have a shadow play recording that I provided to the GM and can provide to anyone interested since link posting is not allowed here.

My ticket number is 81816292

If you are getting disconnected at the start of a Competitive Play match, you gotta try to avoid playing that mode until you can figure out what could be going on. Penalties will NOT be reversed!

Start with these steps if you have not already, and if you need more help, please post in #technical-support (bug report is only for submitting glitches found in game and not disconnections).