Overwatch - Leavers

my battle tag is #21240, ok? myst? awwwwwww.

Aha - so that is Blizzard “soon” that translates into “Maybe in one year we will think about it”

So what exactly are you providing, except “it will happen, soon” ? [Don’t take the question in rude way, it’s a straight forward question]

By definition a game is supposed to be fun, and when you have constant leavers because “soon” this will be fixed, it not fun sadly.

So Overwatch was launched in 2015, after 5 years yeah, we really have no reason to ask for a change, shame on us, we should be horse wiped for this [sarcasm]

So it’s fair for the 5 other players to lose their points, while the other account will join another comp game in a couple of minutes and maybe ruin another game. Interesting scale of “fairness

So the Blizzard solution is => play 6 Stack - Brilliant!

hey, dont be mean to him! uwu

I don’t have a great answer. The closest answer I have towards the leaver issue is to ban players for 24 hours if they leave a ranked game for any reason. If you don’t want to play, don’t play. For QP and whatever, I’m a lot less worried, simply because in QP, no one is putting anything at stake. I’m sure there would be cases of “the game booted me to main menu” and “my net died” but I feel like that would be a small price to pay to punish leavers enough to make them not leave.

That said, even if you did, there’s nothing stopping them from idling or just flat throwing when they’re mad.

Since when did Blizzard care about smurfing they actually encourage it by there actions of allow multiple accounts if they start banning them then you can talk

The excuses they keep coming out with regarding leavers are nothing excuses so they dont have to do anything, people having emergencies or a drop in there wifi happen way less than they make out

They need to get rid of placement because people just quit out of placement games cause they don’t matter one bit

Leavers should be teamed together until the person has at least 10games without leave, so those trying to ruin other players game will eat their own medicine.