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Hi all,

I would like to raise a point, that was raised a couple of thousand times in these forums, report systems, Reddit etc.

Leavers in comp matches.

The big problem of Overwatch is in the fact that in comp if just 1 player leaves (for any reason) the match is basically ruined, simple. If your on the unlucky team who has the leaver you lost (in the past week I can honestly say that at least 30-40% of my matches we had at least 1 person leaving), you can imagine how “fun” these matches were.

Let’s face it, in 99% of cases the team who is 1 man short is loosing the match and also loosing hard earned rank points for what ? The punishment is ridiculous - Less exp points - IF the player gets banned - and that is a BIG IF, and everybody knows this, that is why they continue to do it.

The problem with this is the fact that Blizzard is VERY shy with the bans and the punishment for such behavior. I understand, we live in challenging times, and we need to be more forgiving, but what about the rest of us ?

Blizzard should be very tough with the bans for leavers, or for people who just troll, sit.

Experience points are a “currency” with no value in the game, while the rest of us lose rank points. So why not be more aggressive with the comp ban for players who leave ? Take 50% - 75% - 90% of the points each of the members in the team will lose from the player who leaves

This will make players be more careful and you penalize with a “currency” that is worth something.

Anyway, this is my view. It will be for nothing, as I am not a pro or a streamer, you know people who Blizzard cares about - I am just one of the many-many clients who gets ignored.

Stay safe and take care everybody.


Make the leaver eat all the sr losses. Only fair system I know of.


i remember a match where 2 people stood in spawn point the entire match, 2 weeks later they were still there sitting in spawn point(lucky in this case the enemy spawn point) they just dont do anything about people being inactive(and yes i reported them both but nothing happened)


Jerks happen. Can you put them on a blacklist? Avoid them?

We should be able to name & shame them on this forum i dont see what the big issue is with it, leavers deserve to be called out

Simple dont punish
This argument that you cant punish people hard because some people might have had a power outage or an emergency is bull sure it does happen but 9 out of 10 it is just people rage quitting


It’s the best system, but Blizzard is “punishing” them with less XP [of course when they do that] - like that matters for anything

It’s just a game. It’s not like the player left the cockpit of a passenger plane. Leaving a game should not result in capital gamer punishment when life demands thier attention.

I do admit. Players that do have a busy life should plan ahead better for an undisturbed play session.


So if it’s a game shouldn’t we ALL enjoy it ? Why should the rest of us “pay” because player X rage quits ?

And getting penalized for your mistake and/or rage quit is not capital punishment. Let me ask you this - If you get a ticket for crossing the street where you shouldn’t do all the people who share the street with you on that moment pay the ticket or just you ?

And you know what is the most disappointing fact - is that I can bet that if a streamer or a pro player would say “Ban the leavers” they would ban them over the whole digital spectrum instantly, because only their opinion and voice matters, we just provide the cash.


Select another analogy. Crossing the street does’t take a team effort.

You cannot control the free will of players. You can only sour the milk a little so that they know that behavior is not accepted.

Most players that leave probably have planned thier play time poorly.

They do more than just xp punishment, XP punishment is more for QuickPlay leavers than anything, comp gives you an SR penalty and a cooldown time, the time increases each time you leave adding up to a season ban, don’t know how much more agressive you can be tbh

It’s the perfect analogy - you are in group of random people with a goal - walk. You rarely play with 6 friends, i bet that over 99% of matches are with 6 completely random people.

So by Blizzard logic, WHEN they decide to punish someone, that is a very big when, after he “steals” comp points from 5 other players per each match - maybe he will get a slap on wrist, maybe.

What can I say it’s completely “fair, equal, enjoyable and fun” YAY!

Ask your “group” if you need help to cross the street. Pick another analogy.

Leavers should get a 500sr penalty, a 7 day ban and a seperate queue for leavers and hackers for the next 6 seasons (basically a year)


So are we diverging the discussion toward analogies ? I believe that this subject does not cover this, but if you prefer we can a private chat about analogies and philosophical views, but this forum and post is directed to a specific subject and I would prefer to keep it around that subject.

I prefer to return to the subject and ignore comments that have nothing to do with this discussion/topic, thank you.

Most people agree with your point except the devs.

They either don’t know and don’t care. Or they do know but still don’t care.

They don’t even have the foresight to see how the leaver problem is more harmful in 222 competitive because some have to wait a long time to play the hero they want competitively just to have a leaver to end match quick.

Or worse make it a stomp or be stomped gaming experience.

That’s why competitive is a joke in most tanks and one of many reasons I left that mode.

Just better things I could be doing with my gaming time instead of having to deal with rage quitters, throwers, and so on.

4 years same ol same ol. It is what it is. I get more competitive play in the Arcade during events than I ever did in Competitive.


Backfill or shock collars. Your choice.

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Losing some SR shouldn’t be a big deal to somebody whose real life demands their attention. It sucks but people who can’t reliably finish a match shouldn’t be queueing for competitive. I don’t play comp when I’m expecting visitors, important phone calls, etc. I’ll also stop when there’s a heavy storm where I could lose power. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the same from others.

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I mean if it would happen to me to have to leave a match because of visitor, emergencies, life stuff I would “pay” for the whole SR looses of the team without a second guess.

It’s not their fault that stuff got in my way and I had to disconnect before the match is over, this should not ruin their enjoyment and their game.

Not a bad idea. I like it. Would be worth a try at least.

Very shy with the bans? Do you know that bans/suspensions do stack between seasons? There are people that are PERMA BANNED from playing Comp ever due to that.

There are thresholds they adjust to make fair punishments and right now its on a very good spot. You have to leave A LOT to get banned for 1 season and if it keeps happening, you are out on that account. Permanently.

What you can not expect is that someone gets perma banned for 1 season just because they left … 3 times? Also outside of comp, the place gets filled up with another player, so the consequences are not at bad. In fact someone could argue that there are close to no consequences in Arcade or QP so … your point is only “semi valid” in Competitive mode.

The SR loses are already WAY TOO PUNISHING. You can literally reconnect 1 min later, still win the game, and get those -50. In fact you should recover 25 upon reconnect and another 25 when you win, for a net gain of zero. That would be fair.