Overwatch - Leavers

It really shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a solution for backfill without affecting the SR or MMR in a drastic way. Lets say getting SR only for winning as backfill and not losing any for a lost game etc (or just reduced amount of SR change for backfill. Just a throw away ideas.).

So how it is any better for the team with the leaver? Is playing 5vs6 more fair?
Also very unlikely to have solo carry in a losing team.

It’s not fair for the team without the leaver. However its more fair for the overall match in consideration of all players involved. Also it is important to remember that as long as you are not deliberately leaving matches yourself, you put yourself at technically better odds of having less leavers than your opponents in the long run. Furthermore, you can group up with reliable friends at your rank to minimize your impact of leavers even more.

But most of the time people leave just so they can have “revenge” on their bad team by leaving them play 6vs5 and they do it because they can.

I just don’t think some middle ground will make the things any worse. The situation can only improve. People have been asking for ages for at least having a bot as a replacement.

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Have you ever played with the current AI? They just constantly feed, and technically even a bot falls under the same reason why player backfills don’t happen.

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Well, I never said having a bot is the best idea. Just that everyone is desperate for a change that they would prefer even a bot over nothing.

As I stated in my original reply there are changes coming soon, but I anticipate they will be more likely to deter players from trying to play again if they leave a game (possibly low-priority queues if anything).

In the end, being desperate for a change in the rules of Competitive Play or the leaver system does mean the game has to immediately change right away. There have been many planned and deliberate changes in the early days of Overwatch when handling leavers, but there have been many reasons why many ideas don’t happen. I have tracked these responses from the devs here.

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Harsher punishment has been tried few times in the past and it never worked.

There has to be something to encourage you to stay in the match… but even with that if a person leave due faulty connection etc, their team is still going to suffer regardless.

I would have to disagree with this. I have never left a match in 150 hours of competitive gameplay, yet in 60% of my competitive games I still have leavers in my game.

Appreciate this is a tricky thing to address. But fully addressing this should be high on the developer’s agenda. As for many this is ruining the overall experience, of an otherwise great game.

What you have to understand is that anyone, including you, can be subjected to any form of technical issue without warning, and this is a good portion of leavers in the game. Yes there are those who deliberately leave, and there are those who leave for not very good reasons (and in rare cases… for very good reasons).

Remember in the end, this is just a video game and while Competitive needs to provide a serious fun experience, this is still just a game.

Agree that some leavers can be technical issues. But essentially as a result, the whole team lose out due to the leaver, as rarely will 5 win vs 6 etc. This is where it becomes frustrating.

Yes it’s just a game :slight_smile: But a game (for me anyway) where competitive is becoming less enjoyable, which is a shame.

I don’t think this is the biggest issue. I don’t believe there is anything “unfair” about having a backfill swinging the match to his team’s favor. After all, the alternative is that the team with the leaver having a numbers disadvantage and it’s mostly a guaranteed win for the other team. If we are comparing how “unfair” it is, I would say that keeping the match 6v5 is more unfair than having a backfill that may or may not swing the fight. Just as it is probable that he can carry, it is also more probable that he won’t, that is if matchmaking is doing its job correctly.

What I see as an ACTUAL issue with this solution, is that it is unfair for the player backfilling. If you are queuing for a comp match, you are expecting to start a new match and see it to the end fair and square. I don’t want to be placed in a match where I’m forced to pick someone’s slack, and whatever progress the enemy team gained while that player was out of the match. Also, my ult economy would be way behind the rest of the lobby. Nevermind the fact that I could be backfilling near the end of the match where I can’t really do anything. And all of those possibilities while my SR is on the line.

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I sincerely doubt you kept actual fair record of this. Most people are more emotionally impacted with the leaver being on their own team rather than the enemy team, and therefore more memorable to them.

But if what you saying is accurate, then you probably very unlucky.

So what you are basically saying in it that it’s our fault because we don’t 6 Stack with friends, not the guy who leaves because of “rage quit”, makes perfect sense and it clears up the “We are working on a solution, and we will get back to you. Your opinion is very important to us” response since season 1.

Why don’t I get leavers in ranked Paladins, but constantly get them in Overwatch :thinking:

What happens when I receive a deserter penalty?

  • When you desert a match a 5 day (120 hour) clock is started.
  • Each time you desert the clock starts over.
  • The deserter penalty that prevents you from joining match queues has four tiers and they are as follows:
    • 10 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 4 hours
    • 24 hours
  • You must not have deserted for 120 hours (5 days) to have your deserter count reset to zero.

Thats why


This is something that I am anticipating that the development team is considering. League of Legends has a more effective system which keeps you in queue for a fixed amount of time before you are considered for a match. This is called a low-priority queue.


If youre losing, dont leave, just wait out the match and do your best! and, i hate to break it to you, sr does not matter

why cant overwatch have that system as well? its obviously better!

you have a nintendo switch? Cool!

This is something I have been vouching for myself. Again, Scott Mercer recently mentioned there are plans to clamp down on bad leaver behavior. Hopefully soon.

arent you one of those special overwatch makers? can you ask the maker to suggest a new healer please?? and not an AoE healer, those are the ones people get angry about.