Overwatch league tokens missing

Everyone only got the JQ and Kiriko OWL skins I think (as did I). It should be noted that all the other OWL skins are just recolors of OW1 models, and not using the OW2 models which is a bit sad as we are in OW2 now apparently. I think we’d be lucky honestly to received anything else at all as I fully expect those tokens and full 30 hours worth of skins none of us will get.

Lucky to get something that was promised as compensation for doing something for 30+ hours is an issue.

Y’all it’s 6:22 PM and I still haven’t received my additional drops I haven’t got my grand finals skins or the rest of my play offs skins I’m done I watch 30+ hrs and OW ain’t giving me my skins me is really mad. :rage:

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Yup, I’m done as well (uninstalled) and I think Blizzard underestimates how much this will piss off their already upset player base. The grand finals stream was at 300,000+ at one point when I checked so that means 300,000 possible players who got hoodwinked by Blizzard. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t Blizzards fault, they can try to blame YouTube, they can claim internal tracking error but at the end of the day, that’s 300,000 players who are not getting what Blizzard promised.

It’s just one broken promise after another, one delay after another, one more $20 skin for an unplayable character yet AGAIN, another postponement of a critical balance patch, absolutely nothing is going right for OW2 and Activision/Blizzard and I think what needs to happen is a Twitter style mass firing because the people who caused or allowed these issues to arise can never be the people to fix it.

I’d say it’s equally likely that Blizzard didn’t want to give these freebies away and instead try to upsell everyone on the skins they could have received for free but didn’t. Oh that skin you want, you have HALF the tokens for it already, why not just spend $5 to get the rest! Shady business practices are nothing new and given Blizzards recent attitudes with the shop, skin prices, bundles, broken promises and 300+ years of grind to collect OLD ow1 assets I’d wager this was done on purpose.


You said brotha praise the lord, Jesus! :pray::pray: I only hope we get our skins, tokens, etc.

SO it turns out Blizzard’s latest patch delay also delayed the OWL incentives/skins dropping until Thursday, November 17 at 11 AM PST.

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Question, has anyone who watched EVERYTHING correctly gotten all the skins and coins they were meant to? (Not counting the rewards slated to release today that is.)

Like many, I got skins up to a certain point after watching every match (and encore just in case). I only got about 130 coins or so, far from what I should have. It seems like a lot of people got cut off at a similar point reward-wise, which means hopefully they will acknowledge this and compensate us accordingly.

Thanks for the update. I just went on to check and I’m still missing more than half of the rewards when there’s no way I missed any.


Update 11-16-22

Patched and the same. Only have the first 9 hours of listed rewards. Going to be stepping away from Overwatch for a a few months. I’ll check out the season 2 battle pass but if its more of the same with a new hero I will be done with the game until PVE drops - sadly at this point I’m not confident they wont ruin that too with microtransactions.

I watched every stream on YT with “Connected” showing as well as watched on the official League App (just in case lol) and I have received exactly 9 hours of rewards : Tracer, Genji, Bastion, Mercy, Mei, Hanzo, Ana, Brigitte and Zenyatta skins plus a unmoving 115 tokens. Still missing the Grand Finals rewards and the last 21 hours of listed rewards 20 hours before the deadline. I did not link my YT account to Overwatch league, I linked it to Blizzard and hold them responsible for the deception if it shakes out that way. (Looks to be the case)

Do I think it more likely there were separate issues with both YT and The League App (when both said I was good to go essentially with the “Connected” thing) or that Blizzard possibly did not want to allocate the resources to get this done with hundreds of thousands of accounts and outsourced the process?

Game is fun, but sort of a disaster in some areas at the same time. Might hop off for a few months and come back once PVE is out and hopefully the monetization is in a better place - as currently it is so bad that people are forced to try to get cosmetics via watching YT and Twitch streams if they don’t want to spend $20 a skin. Before you say “get a job” just know that I have 2 so when I dedicate 30+ hours of my time towards something that promised a payoff and then does not deliver said payoff It makes me just want nothing to do with all parties involved.


I didnt get anything lol


nice then it gets delayed to dec 17th then to next year dec 17th then to ow3 then to ow4 … f this scam company

same i wait untill phil takes over then this clown fiesta has exactly 1 chance to convince me its not a scam anymore

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Because most people’s rewards seem to have been cut off at a similar point, I believe the issue is on their end but we can’t really know for sure until after the patch on the 17th.

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The patch was delayed to Thursday, November 17. There was no patch yesterday.

I get it that people are annoyed, but man, at least wait for the patch to finally hit instead of complaining on a daily basis when the patch will allegedly fix things.


I have not received ANYTHING. All my accounts are linked correctly, i watched from the OWL site and made sure the green dot was there showing i was collecting rewards. I heard some got like 5 tokens, some got a few skins, I watched the entire event and didnt get a single thing.


I haven’t seen anything, even though I had the tab open and playing as bg noise. Nada.
Watched from OWL page with my account connected, the circle was green. My youtube is a brand account for some reason so I cant connect it to battlenet , but all other seasons, just the page worked fine, almost instantly the tokens were in my account when I opened OW back up.

I logged in yesterday and I only got 7 owl tokens out of over 40 hours watched… I swear if the royal knight skin goes off sale before i even get my tokens…

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Still 0 OWL tokens since my last post. Shame on me for buying OW1, and buying OW2’s battle pass. Blizzard, you lost any money you’ll ever be getting from me here on, and me as a OWL viewer because you can’t incentivize your player base right. And taking no accountability to rectifying lost tokens really takes the cake. Blizzard blatantly doesn’t care if you watch or not.

Starting to feel like it was a bait-and-switch to pump up their numbers to justify their high price toward the Microsoft acquisition.

I did earn some of the skins and some tokens but are missing at least 200 tokens and also missing the stuff after the 21 hour mark and grand finals day. I really hope they can fix this issue lol.

Post patch update: still in the same boat.

I’ll check back again once PVE drops next year.