Overwatch League - LON vs DAL & GLA vs VAN

June Joust • Week 2

West Region Day 1 • Match 1


London Spitfire
Dallas Fuel
LP: 0 (0-6 -14)
LP: 5 (2-2 +2)

West Region Day 1 • Match 2


Los Angeles Gladiators
Vancouver Titans
LP: 2 (2-2 +2)
LP: 0 (0-4 -8)

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(After Week 6, Day 1 East)
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#3 JUNSEI 118 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 115 points
#4 SNOWMAN_99 113 points
#5 TYLERG 112 points
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Hey everyone, going to continue the multi-match discussion threads just because its easier for me and I have a lot of things going on (some Overwatch related, some not). So enjoy the matches today and I will try to chime in every now and then.

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we gonna be seeing the big boss today?

I have a feeling this afternoon’s matches are going to be very short and sweet, with very little time to earn tokens.

Let’s see…we have London taking on Dallas (who, by the way, just added the big boss to their roster), and we have the Gladiators taking on the Titans. Both the Titans and the Spitfire should count themselves extremely blessed if either of them sneak away with a map win.

3-0 Dallas, with Pine tossed in just so he can show off on his beloved McCree/Widow
3-0 Gladiators, with the Control map score being extremely close just to give their fans heart attacks.

Pretty sure the Kansas city poppers are gonna cinch this one in the fourth quarter

I love london, but i think this game is lost.

is the audio out of sync for anyone else

Unlikely, he’s in kr and it’s east coast servers

Since Tracer and Sombra are banned, I expect to see some Symmetra from Dallas today. They have an easy opponent too.

Spitfire full bronze today.

I’ll watch the vods later (watching the Plat Chat Valorant restream right now).

I had 3 - 0 Dallas and 3 - 0 Glads for the record.

Fuel isn’t even taking this seriously. Sparkle just raw bladed into Ana, Brig, and McCree in the London spawn on Junkertown. They won decisively on second point anyway.

Just got confirmation from the Dallas Fuel verified YouTube account via YT chat: Big Boss Pine will not be playing this weekend, but he will play “soon enough”.

This would be a good match to get his feet wet after over a year of not playing professionally. They’re just freestyling.

Yeah, I know, they have practically the easiest opponent they’ll have in a long time, and they decide to keep him on the bench.

That said, they do play the Titans next week in the last qualifier match, so assuming the matches against the Shock and the Mayhem end with the Fuel getting 3-0’d in both matches and thus eliminate the Fuel from the June Joust, I’m willing to bet Pine will finally see action against said Titans just to give the Fuel some positive press coverage while they answer some tough questions heading into the second half of the season.

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My thoughts too. But its probably just still too soon logistics wise.

this is so embarrassing for london

So, will there be a June Joust skin?

The Spitfire needs to be disbanded and do a full roster reset. This is embarrassing and they’re worse than most Contenders teams right now.

Funny you mention Kansas City, cos the London Spitfire looked as lost as the Kansas City Chiefs were in the Super Bowl a few months ago.

I guess the one difference is that at least Kansas City has a young superstar player to build their team around (Patrick Mahomes). This London Spitfire team, though…what hope do you have with this roster?

FINAL (Game 1)

Nepal (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, London Spitfire 0.

Junkertown (Escort): Dallas Fuel 3, London Spitfire 1.

Hanamura (Assault): Dallas Fuel 3, London Spitfire 2.

FINAL SCORE: Dallas Fuel 3, London Spitfire 0