Overwatch League - ATL vs LON, WAS vs BOS, & FLO vs HOU

June Joust • Week 1

West Region Day 3 • Match 1


Atlanta Reign
London Spitfire
LP: 2 (2-3 +1)
LP: 0 (0-5 -11)

West Region Day 3 • Match 2


Washington Justice
Boston Uprising
LP: 4 (4-1 +6)
LP: 2 (2-3 -4)

West Region Day 3 • Match 3


Florida Mayhem
Houston Outlaws
LP: 4 (4-1 +5)
LP: 4 (4-1 +5)

Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Week 6, Day 1 East)
#1 NOSTALGIA 116 points
#3 JUNSEI 112 points
#2 TYLERG 108 points
#4 WYOMINGMYST 107 points
#5 SNOWMAN_99 106 points
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Going to go ahead and keep all three matches consolidated into one thread today like I did with the East region this morning. Also note, the Pick’ems site has not yet updated the results of the East region so I don’t have our forums leaderboard updated. That being said, I think anyone guessing seriously is getting burned badly.

Yep, I am getting burned pretty heavily.

My predictions, which will be garbage by this evening:

3-0 Atlanta over London
3-2 Washington over Boston
3-2 Florida over Houston

I purchased Cheez-it Grooves.

I hope this pleases the OWL gods and sets things back on track.

3 - 2 Atlanta

3 - 1 Washington

3 - 2 Houston

I hope you all are paying attention, there will be a follow-up quiz after the broadcast today.

I never get it right so I’m not gonna even try.
Btw, Perks by T-Mobile was on the whole hour from the end of the NYE-CH replay, so more time for those tokens!

This is so boring, can we get to the matches soon?

No. This is premium content.

I really hope we get to see Danny fall out of a tree again (figuratively) sometime soon. That skit is awesome…almost on par with Emote Control (albeit the Emote Control from 2018-2020, not 2021).

The zoo is on: Hawk, Pelican and Gator

I wish Solider was good.

I played a KotH game as him today. Did 8K damage in the first round and we lost it.

He does lot’s of damage, but it’s all useless damage.

I don’t know, nothing will ever come close to Demon Monte…

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It can’t be that bad…it’s not like all the underd-

sees scores

Oh my…nvm

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I checked, despite that Eichenwalde attack run from Atlanta being very clean, its no where near a top 5, in fact it was a minute slower from #5.

Where’s that meme where Fred from Scooby-Doo unmasks the Ghost when you need it? You know, the one which sports fans everywhere use to determine which good team has suddenly turned trash?

I think someone needs to make a meme where masked is Spitfire, and unmasked is 2018 Shanghai Dragons.

In other news, London falls to Atlanta.

FINAL (Game 1)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, London Spitfire 0.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 3, London Spitfire 2.

Dorado (Escort): Atlanta Reign 3, London Spitfire 1.

FINAL SCORE: Atlanta Reign 3, London Spitfire 0


Atlanta goes 2-0 on the week and gets that much closer to qualifying for the June Joust knockouts. For the Spitfire, I’m afraid, it’s yet another disappointing week.

Next up, we have the Washington Justice taking on the Boston Uprising. Who will walk away with a win?

They just want to be the new 2018 Dragons

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BadPachimari strikes again…