Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Hey, so i´ve already watched lots of games on the command center and i still did not got the OWL2019DVa emote, but for some reason I got the OWL2019HZS emote, is this a bug???


I was just browsing the forums and apparently you also have to watch through twitch itself in order to qualify? I had to create a separate twitch account?? As it was outlined in the offer itself, I clicked, IN GAME, Overwatch League LIVE, was brought to a website that was streaming the games, and signed in with my Blizzard account so as to receive credit… Now I am finding out you had to create a twitch account and watch it directly on twitch? I did exactly as the game prompted me!!! I signed into the service that the GAME ITSELF led me to, as to receive my OWL tokens??? WTF man, they really need to be clear about this! I thought I was all good to go, it said dabonadoo was watching, I was watching through the darn client the GAME ITSELF led me to! I was logged in! How on earth is Overwatch not going to specify that you also have to create a darn twitch account too??? I mean I used the client the DARN GAME LED ME TOO??? Ahhhhh… feels better to rant. Any hope for my lost hours yesterday? EDIT typo



Token drops on Twitch seem to stop working on Sunday. Please continue to follow this thread for updates. If anything drops will get caught up later on (like they did on Friday).

Overwatchleague.com and other non-Twitch platforms are still suspected to not be working.

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Anyone else not receiving tokens for watching the OWL? (02.17.2019)

Once the other platforms get back up and running drops-wise, will those who watched when it wasn’t working get the tokens that weren’t awarded?


I can’t say if they will be able to recover or not.


Ok, thank you for the answer


Yea nobody got tokens for the Houston vs Boston match and the chat was going berserk. Anybody know if it is fixed yet?


If it is anything like what happened on Thrusday, it make take a day or even the next broadcast for players to get caught up.


First part is bug I guess, you get random emotes from other people cheering if you’re lucky as far as I understand

Sucks about the megacheer, I’d happily cheer 300 but it’s either 100 or 1000 so pff


I’m watching on Twitch. tv. I didn’t get my tokens for the last hour of day 3 and today nothing at all for day 4. Are we getting the missing tokens later?


Most likely, I am tracking the lack of drop notifications.


I have been watching this evening every match, from the beginning, and I heard that drops are down. Do you have any idea why, and is someone trying to fix this?


I am tracking this, continue to check the updates section in the starting post for updates.


Even though it’s not an amount option listed, you can still cheer 300 bits at once. Just click on the 100 option and in the textbox change the 1 to a 3.

(For example, change OWLCDH100 to OWLCDH300 . Then click Chat to send it.)


Got tokens yesterday, not a single token today, feels badman.


As a follow up, I can confirm Blizzard is aware and looking into it. Again, most likely these tokens will be caught up later.


Hey please help quick
I really want the orange/gray widow and tracer skins. Can i get them if i cheer 300 bits now? I dont have the access pass but i can buy now. Pleease help quick because i can see at the twitch page if i scroll to future personal challenges it swaps out widow and tracer for other heros, hinting to those not being obtainable anymore


No this promotion was only available back in 2018. These skins might return, but there is no news at this time.


Okok thx for replying :slight_smile:


Receiving tokens just now.