Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Thank you for the help!


Hey everyone, today the streamer showmatch will be playing today, and unlike other streams, this one will be on Twitch.tv/overwatchleague.

That being said I still don’t think we will be able to earn tokens from this specific match, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the start of the season.


Let’s hope I get actually get more than 1 token this season.


Do you know if, because its the OWL channel that’s streaming, All-Access Pass users will be able to use the command center?


that’s a good question. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to find out till the stream starts later tonight.


A much better investment considering the Direct stream is coming soon.


lmao I got gifted the pass


Damn son, you are one lucky dude.
Got a nice Switch with new games coming and a gifted Pass.

jealousy intensifies!


I hoping for God that the all access pass 2019 will have exclusive in game rewards like 2018 owl all access pass
If not then I wasted my money on the all access pass
And the thing is I dont really use twitch for anything else
So the twitch emotes are pretty much useless for me


As mentioned I do believe there will be in-game rewards for the Twitch All-Access pass, but I do believe they’ll be integrated in part of the challenge system with those items appearing throughout the season.

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Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet already, but in the news tab of the Overwatch League site does confirm that we WILL BE rewarded tokens again for watching the games.



Hey you’re right sorry I haven’t had too much time to be checking their site in the last few hours. They have changed the rules however. It’s now three tokens for every hour watched, instead of one token for every map that is completed while watching. Random 100 token drops will still occur at the end of each map though.



*For participating countries.


Unfortunately yes. From what I can tell the country list has not been updated.


Hi, how would I go about getting last year’s OWL grey skins? I’m trying to get the genji and dva ones. Thanks.


Those promotions are no longer available at this time. If new or returning skins become available I will detail that information here when it becomes available.


TY for the guide!
I had a question about the pass, Does anyone know if the pass is good for the whole season, or is it a monthly fee?


The whole season, you are good to go!


Thanks for the info.!