Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


I did see your tweet asking the Overwatch League twitter account if League Tokens would be available.

I replied “The suspense”


Well, that tends to tell people “Don’t count on it, buddy.”


Fair enough. remember I’m just a player just like you guys and I can only go off of the observations of what I’ve discovered exploring through those web pages. Most of the information that I have acquired is literally right at the time when it’s publicly revealed.


Unfortunately, listening to people who playing in game, most turned on the streams and had it muted in the background for just the OWL skin tokens. Take that away and the League’s ad revenue is going to be less than Betty White’s 2018 swimsuit calendar sale numbers.


Any news on the OWL tokens? Are we going to get a free skin or are we going to have to watch the league to get the tokens.


Doesn’t look like it.


I do not believe there will be any “free 100 tokens” at the start of the season. The free 100 tokens at the start of the 2018 season was an opportunity for players at the time to explore and check out the Overwatch League features of the game client. Since that is not the case this season, I think we simply get into the normal routine.

Again I do believe token drops for watching Overwatch League will return when the regular season starts on February 14th.


Thanks for telling me, I’ll be sure to catch the matches.


Just to follow up, I have edited my first paragraph in my topic to clarify the current facts of this year’s promotions so far. As usual, I will update as I get any news about this.


I am so sick of this false narrative. Blizzard killed their own game through incompetence, and the fundamental flaws of the game.

This game would be dying with or without OWL. Although forcing this casual game into esports is a factor it isn’t the main factor.


“Give 15$ to a stranger and receive one (1) emote”


I do believe it will. A single skin cost 100 tokens. We have what? 12 teams for (soon to be) 30 Heroes?

100 tokens mean nothing. It’s 1/660 possible skins not counting exclusive stuff like Lucio’s emote. Giving 100 tokens is a simple and effective way of promoting the league and convince people to watch it first.


I think they are daydreaming this league is half as popular as Fortnite. When it is actually a sub portion of Overwatch, which by the way is not completely into OWL.

Anyway…they got to sell stuff.


I apologise if it’s already in the post, (I just skimmed through it) but will we be getting free Overwatch League tokens again?

Thanks for making posts like these! :+1:


Is there a chance for Hungary to be eiligible for Token drops if it returns? The country has no law against it and for every other game we are eiligible for drops. Even if it has a draw or lottery.


Hi, I purchased the 2019 All-Access Pass on Twitch, and I am a twitch prime user. I got the 500 bits, but I don’t/wasn’t shown where or how to pick the 3 sets of emotes for Twitch. Where can I do this?


On a desktop computer log on to Twitch.TV/OverwatchLeague. after you sign in with your Twitch account you should see a prompt below the video player window asking you which team you wish to mark as your favorite.

Once confirmed that will give you the 3 emotes for specifically that team. Once this decision is made it cannot be undone.


Done, thank you so much!


Glad to be of help. :v:


Question for anyone: will we be getting OWL credits/tokens for the community countdown events before the season kicks off (games/, matches from 2/9-2/13)