Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Just as a heads up the Community Challenge, " 200,000 people watch in Command Center" has been fulfilled. Anyone who has watched at least one match in the All-Access Pass have now earned the OWL2019gg emote.


I’ve been watching the stream since it started and I just now got tokens, but I only got 3


As have I, they will either be popping in frequently today or it may wait until next week on Thursday when they go live again.


Ok I finally got them lol


I don’t know is this is a known issue, but the OWL personal weekly challenge is bugged.


What’s happened now?


I completed everything for the personal challenge for this week and last week, and for some odd reason it is saying 5/10 instead of 6/10.


Twitch at it’s finest…


It’s crazy because I have the all the emote and checkmark for last week and this week, but it still says 5/10


Carefully go through each of the individual challenges for week 2, and check to make sure that they are completed. Please note the new cheer 50 bits challenge does not count if you cheered bits in the previous week.


That is the thing though, each and every challenge is complete. So I should have 6/10 complete, but for some odd reason it is saying that I only got 5/10 complete disregarding that I got all 6 OWL emote


I can’t really finish the “connect the Battle-net account to Twitch” challenge. They are already connected, and the challenge won’t unlock - do I have to disconnect them and connect again?


it says that stage 1 ends on february 18th on the twitch page. i got an all access pass, chose my team donated the 300 + 50 bits and still do not have the rein and widow badge? am i missing something? today is still the 18th. i did get all the other emotes including the Dva, Ashe and Doomfist.


I think it’s a mistake. It should last from 11th to 17th of February.


You have to disconnect and reconnect your account to complete that one.


Yeah it looks like in order to get the BattleNet Link challenge, you must link and unlink.


Hey WyomingMyst, do you know why the OWL Overwatch Grey skin is not unlocking despite if you completed the challenge.


All 2018 promotions are no longer valid. Right now, there is no promotions to earn Overwatch Leaague grey skins. There is some straddling links from 2018 promotion that you might be seeing.


Then why are there D.va and Reinhardt (OWL Grey Skin) being displayed in Stage one, week two? Is it just for show I am presuming?


Yeah, I am hopeful there will be in-game items through the challenge promotions, but that is just a hope. That or eventually the Overwatch League gray skins will be made available for OWL tokens sometime in the future.