"OvErWaTcH iSnT dYiNg"


They’ve already told us that this year of events was going to be lacking because they were trying to focus more on balancing, and yet, even despite outright saying that, people are still complaining about the lack of event content. They can’t win even when they try with the forums, it’s honestly better if they never come back to this cesspool


Not true, Jeff is a Brig main! Ignore the times he said he was a Hanzo main and a Rein main and a Mercy main


Well the balance so far has been awful, and not even that much different than before

Yeah we expect the events to lack, but thats a problem when the events were already lacking

Remember the time he asked “Whats wrong with Doomfist?”

You know after 6 MONTHS of hundreds of threads, videos, clips, of him being so filled with bugs that he was unplayable


Yeah, most forum goers spent more time crying and whining on the forum then playing the game.

Or play the game with a terrible mindset and vent their salt on the forum.

If I were the dev I would have just sticked with Reddit.


Pretty sure they take the subreddit more seriously than the forums. Regardless, people also need to comes to terms with the fact that the state of the forums is what it is, and what it is is a reflection of the game.


Jeff said that it’s not their intention to stay silent. They’ve been trying to show up more often.

hey… sorry!
we don’t like being silent… that’s not our intention. we’ve been trying to show up more on various streams

There are also numerous reasons as to why the devs don’t post often, it’s due to fears of accidentally setting something in stone, or what they say could cause a massive controversy.

EDIT: You can find links to the streams that the devs were involved in here: under Interviews


i dont think it is at all…

its by its very nature a place to point out the issues with the game…its inherently biased AGAINST the game…if you were to just form an opinion of the game by simply reading the forums you would think that its completely and utterly unplayable…and yet you have millions of people that do…

i actually made a post earlier today asking how much of a reflection of the game are the forums…i dont think it is a very good one actually…especially when you consider how few people even come here

all the complaints about the game now existed a year and half ago…they were just about different characters/events/balance changes…we’re just continuously complain about the same things over and over again…

so if the game is still here…how important were they really?


Overwatch had its all time Twitch viewership high this past month, what are you on about?


The devs do take the subreddit more seriously than the forum.

After all, the forum has been nothing but nerf the shimada bros for 3 years, revert mercy for 1.5 years, and death to snipers for a year now (I think). It is just Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V with some poolished or foul words.


When overwatch launched the devs had the community eating out of their hands. The forums didn’t start this negative, things progressively got worse.

Things were a lot more positive when I started here, which is saying something because that’s also when they reworked Hanzo and added Brig.[quote=“Baja-11423, post:34, topic:299404”]
i actually made a post earlier today asking how much of a reflection of the game are the forums…i dont think it is a very good one actually…especially when you consider how few people even come here

Pretty sure I left a comment there.

You can’t have something be both the same and completely different.

Well, dive got resolved. Brig got deleted.
Our input matters because players are so frustrated with Overwatch that they’ve been jumping ship for a year. The game really is dying, and the devs clearly need somebody to tell them what the players want since heroes still get dumpsters and stay there for a year or two.


I think this is the most irritating thing at the moment, the complete lack of ANY information about ANYTHING.

Jeff said they’re working on something that will make people say “OH so THIS is what they were doing” but for some reason they’re not allowed to mention ANYTHING AT ALL about what it is or what it may be.

I get they don’t want to tease us with something that’s not ready but goddam if it isn’t frustrating to be completely in the dark about everything ALL THE TIME.


Oh how incredibly wrong you are, Valve knows even less on how to balance. Not to mention how incredibly slow patches are


Dumpster fires are fun to watch.

I still get kicks from seeing people mutilate the desecrated corpse of Fallout 76. I thought it was a bad idea, it was a bad idea, and people tore into it.


It doesn’t matter if they address those things…people will just shift their arguments to the next new thing…jeff spoke about this in the most recent Fran interview…they can address specific things people want…the meta for example…people then proceed to just find things to complain about with the new one…you can apply that across the board on here…nerf hero x…ok…well now we complain about the nerf or the need to nerf someone else…add lfg!!! Ok…well we don’t actually want to use it now that we have it…

When the community is gonna complain about whatever it is that they do (even when they specifically ask for it)…it kinda lowers the incentive of putting that dialogue out there…

The community doesn’t really know what it wants…and I think they’ve finally caught on to this…they’ll communicate what they feel is important nowadays…and frankly I don’t blame them


keep fearmongering, nobody cares. If you require external validation to secure your loyalty to this game (i.e. is xyz still playing? omg they quit?) then you weren’t going to stay around for long anyway.


Nah. Its same 50 people everyday trash-talk about nerfing someone


I will say, as someone, semi-new, I don’t think the game is dying. If it was, people like me wouldn’t be here. And, I’ve been apart of dying/dead games. OverWatch isn’t one of them… Yet.

What it is, however, is stagnant. I mean, for someone like me, Winter Wonderland was amazing. Yeti Hunter was new and exciting, I loved the skins, and the map changes for the season, and all that stuff… Then. But, how will I feel next year? In 2 years? 3? Whatever. At some point, if it stays this way, that feeling of “nothing new this time” will snowball (no pun intended), and, eventually, I’ll feel like you all do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite thankful for this game. I love the lore, the characters, the cosmetics (from Sprays to Skins), it’s all quite grand, in its own way. It’s why I play for hours a day, it’s why watch the cinematics and read the comics, it’s why I’ve bought their official cereal (quite good, by the way) and why I’ve even bought Loot Boxes (even though I’m not a huge fan of them on principal, in most things). It’s all because I love OverWatch. I love what they built here and i want to support that.

But, without new things, how will this go on? How will you keep your players? And, due to the kind of game this is, without players, we have no game. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not asking for the world. I don’t expect 12 heroes and maps a year along with 100s of cosmetics and all that. But, if say, 3 years from now, all we get for Christmas is Yeti Hunter and a handful of skins… I don’t think they’ll be many people around still playing this game.

I don’t need the world. None of us should ask for that. But, if all they’re okay with is just keeping up the status quo, the game will eventually die. And probably a lot sooner than they or any one of us would think.


It’s almost like a 3 year old game isn’t going to be as popular as it was when it first came out, huh?


I’ve wanted Junkrat’s grenades to stop whizzing through enemies for a year.
That shouldn’t be so complicated.

A balanced game isn’t too much to ask for either.

Like yeah, I see there forums go too far every day, but its because they feel like nothing is changing for the better.

“The community doesn’t know what it wants” isn’t a good excuse. It’s not organized, we are mostly just a collective. Even if you disregard our individual ideas, that still leaves the fact (devs know it too) that the majority of the community feels like Overwatch is in decline while the devs insist that it’s in an upswing. That isn’t good.

That’s a time when community feedback is important, because obviously there’s a disconnect.


I’m actually looking forward to activision-blizzard announcing the discontinuation of Overwatch