Overwatch is running on "GPU-1 Copy Engine"

Is this normal for overwatch or am I missing out on a large chunk of my performance? It only says it’s using 0.1% of my gpu under load and every other game runs on 3D utilizing 50+% of my gpu.

If it’s normal then that’s fine but if not I’d appreciate the feedback and how to fix it c:

Check the stickies :slight_smile:

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Thankyou :slight_smile: I’m just glad to know it’s nothing I should worry about! Windows 10 updates being unhelpful as per usual :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s functioning correctly for anyone who wondered the same as I did, i still crank between 150-200 fps even while it’s saying copy engine so theres no way my integrated card can pull that off, TY Nicole <3

You’re welcome! :sunglasses:

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