Overwatch is now Optimized for Xbox Series X|S Enhancements

Let’s go! …


Nice. From PSN, am happy for y’all. Now do PS5.


I noticed this today and went through all the options in the game. Tested it on my LG CX OLED and the 120fps mode is buttery smooth.
The 4K 60fps mode looks super crisp, however, I can’t see much of difference between “balanced” and 120fps mode - both of which run at 1440p. I know there’s the fps difference, but graphic fidelity and shadowing, character models, environments, all look the same. What does “balanced” offer over the other 2 modes?

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me being british having them sold out everywhere :pensive:

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This generation of consoles is bound to be great tell y’all that much.

No more PC ports with locked frame rates, engines that bug at 100+ FPS, games optimized to use PCI-E SSDs, can use a buttload of VRAM, virtual CPU threads and also mid-range TVs that come with Freesync 120Hz display.

I don’t intend to ever buy a console but that’s fantastic for PCs.

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Its for people on 1080 60hz tvs

So what about upgrade for PlayStation 5? We are still waiting next gen update for PlayStation 5