Overwatch, good game-low standards

There is no current problem.

You would get what they want, and not what people who are better or worse want.

Except for the fact that she had the easiest time healing in the game, and had too much healing compared to the other healers.

Polls would destroy game balance…

Claiming that Ana isn’t a must-pick or that Mercy is in a good spot is pretty delusional.

No, because people who play a hero tend to know what makes them tick, and are therefore better suited to suggest things that will achieve the goals without too negatively affecting the hero. Ergo, if the devs played the more contested heroes more, they’d come up with similar suggestions as to what a hero’s mains would suggest, and you’d have far less problems.

She’s a dedicated healer, who needs to sacrifice her healing to to anything else. Of course she’ll have an easy time. As for healing too much… given that Blizzard is already back-tracking, shows that’s not true, especially since her current kit contradicts pretty much Blizzard’s entire stated design philosophy for her.

That is an ana problem, not a mercy problem.

Based on the forums discussions around mercy, this is simply not true.

Then why is she more balanced after the nerf?

If the community decided the balancing, it would be an absolute nightmare. Just because the community wants something does not mean its balanced in anyway.

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I find Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State to be pretty spot on.

Is she? Don’t think you’ll find much agreement on that.
objectively? Statistics indicate otherwise.

She is now at 49,45% winrate…

Which is the sixth lowest winrate

And closer to 50% (which is balanced)

And Mercy is also supposed to put out the most healing on average (which she doesn’t, at the moment)

Yes. Nerf moira slightly.
(though mercy really has the most healing currently)

Is 50% balanced though? If a character is OP or UP, it’s winrate tends to slide closer to 50 as it is mirrored on teams or used in its niche senarios. Bastion has a slightly higher winrate then mercy, I hope you don’t think he is fine. The reason she still has a high pickrate now is she is used for rez as an off support, paired with Ana or moira. The devs wanted her to be the go to for consistent heals, but she no longer fits that role as her rez takes up so much of her kit. I would much rather have Ana or moira for consistent heals now. She is used in the exact opposite way from the devs intentions and is not balanced

But Moira is fine, though?

On top of that, I’d rather see Mercy’s nerfs from the support patch simply be undone in order to bring Ana back in line, than for Blizzard to touch her.

They will have 1 loss for every win.
If one player plays another and both pick the same hero, 50% is balanced.

I think that’s what you meant to say

She has more healing than mercy (though mercy has an additional 6 resurrects per game)
Mercy has more healing than ana.

Her healing is slightly below Moiras, though she can rez players.

Ana also has actual kills, so does moira

Which makes them too strong. As they have above 50% win rates.

Rez is useless if your team is dying faster than you can Rez them, which is exactly what happens with Mercy’s 50 HP/s healing rate.