Overwatch for Ubuntu

There are a lot of videos on YouTube where people play the game on Linux systems.
It became interesting, is it worth waiting for an Blizzard from an overwatch for Linux systems?
And if someone tried to compare on Windows and Linux, where does the overwatch behave better?

There are no official plans to have a native working version on Overwatch on Linux operating systems at this time. There are users who manage to get Overwatch to work on unsupported systems, but this is at user’s own risk.

I installed Ubuntu as a second system, which is surprising, but on my computer, overwatch is more stable than from under Windows. problems that existed in Windows are missing, such as friezes. But it’s probably better to wait for them to officially do it under Linux, since I read on the Internet that there have been cases of banning players who played from under Linux.

We don’t ban for Linux usage. We ban for hack usage. I’d wager any investigations into the accounts of anybody who claims to be banned for use of Linux would reveal they were actually using unauthorized programs - unless there’s some kind of error with the cheat detection system. If that happens, we’ll clear it up in customer support upon appeal.

If you can run the game on Linux, more power to you, we just won’t help if the game crashes. If you’re ever in doubt about an account action, you’re always welcome to submit an appeal. For some insight however, of all of the times I’ve ever seen a claim of “I was banned for [insert innocuous program here],” it was actually a cheat program. Doesn’t mean the system is flawless, but we’re usually pretty confident in what we do and if we mess up we’ll make it right.