Can we get banned for playing on Linux?


Probably most of you don’t know this, but Linux gaming is booming thanks to a library called DXVK since this came out a lot of games are perfectly playable (Witcher 3 being an example).

Overwatch, on the other hand, it’s been “playable” on Linux and it keeps getting better and soon it will reach the point of perfection.

The problem is that in order to play it, its necessary to manipulate DirectX libraries, something that most devs consider it as cheating, so the question is: Can we play on Linux with no concerns of getting banned?

Good games for all.


One friend of mine plays on Linux and he isnt banned.


Lol, that would be a very good reason to unninstall every Blizzard game I have and never look back. Running fine on wine and medium texture settings for me (with a hand from Lutris), but my patience with blizz is running thin about this topic.


Hey there!

To answer this question - playing on Linux or even a Mac while on an emulated Windows environment is not bannable. Since the game isn’t actually designed for those operating systems, we can’t guarantee stability however. You may see performance problems depending upon your setup.

We at Blizzard can’t support it directly, but there are a number of players who play without issue on these sorts of configurations. Good luck with it at any rate!

Linux port for overwatch

How about you do actually design the game for these operating systems and drag your company kicking and screaming into the 21st century?


Sorry to bump the old thread.
Is there a possibility to get a comment on recent Bans potentially associated with playing on Linux:

I’d highly appreciate any information that can be provided on that matter as i play on Linux with DXVK myself and don’t want my Account banned for that.


I too would like to see Blizzard’s official response regarding this. Overwatch is one of the few reasons I keep a dual boot and I would love to try running it in Linux soon.


please address this. My account has been using linux wine esync + dvxk 0.51-dvxk0.71 for the last few weeks.

I would hate to get banned for playing overwatch on linux. I recently switched 100% to linux due to overwatch being playable on wine.


I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring too.
I’ve been running Manjaro Linux since last year and have been playing Overwatch using WINE on and off during that time and recently started using the new DXVK since 0.70.
DXVK is a godsend bliss.

Please don’t ban us.


Okay, I’m a developer and I understand the blizzard side, it’s hard to guarantee stability whatever the game, in a different OS after the game has already been “finalized” so to speak. But I’d rather believe that the money I spend on wow every month, and that I spend buying WoW expansions and blizzard games that appeal to me like D3 and Overwatch are reinvested at least in something similar to what steam has been doing, she I have a linux application that does not support Linux. I have a linux application that does not work, and I want several linux users that are holding to migrate to it. windows because of wow, despite having managed to run it smoothly the last time, I had some hardware problems, but I’ll do it again soon and I would not like to be banned. just for trying to have fun.


I know this might be to late, but my account is not banned. My account should be clean other than a little bit of “mercy is hot, and im … myself” type of adult humor.

if you get a chance, make sure. I am using linux. dxvk 0.90 + opensuse/fedora and think its regular winestaging 3.18 ish. No biggie if you cant check, I am not banned at all.

Again thianks for jumping on this. It heavily concerned me.