Overwatch for Mac

This is more of a statement, rather question, that hopefully the right people read.

Nearly all Blizzard games run on Mac. I personally play Starcraft and Diablo on my Macbook Pro, and they run just fine with no errors at all. Now, either the developers are being lazy about introducing Overwatch to the Mac (it’s the 21st century, the technology exists), OR they don’t know how to do it (as I just said, most Blizzard games are on Mac).

The “lazy” comment stems from reading posts from Overwatch developers stating that there are “platform issues” and “Apple’s technology makes it difficult.” I will state again, this is the 21st century, you’re not developing a nuclear fusion energy reactor or sending a man to Mars. The technology exists, stop being lazy.


Here are a few developer responses worth taking a look at:

First, he addresses the question with this answer (video time indexed at 12:45:

Bill Warnecke also answers why Overwatch (and all Blizzard games) are not available for Linux:

That’s one of the sources I was referencing. What I was able to summarize from the compilation of responses from the development team was it takes a lot of work, but work they are not willing to put in.

If they can take out an astrocytoma from a persons brain, Overwatch for the Mac is possible (without using BootCamp) haha.

Yeah, the same way that my car could have been salvaged, but I sent it to the scrap yard because repairs would have cost more than what I spent on it 5 years and 50,000 miles ago.

Sometimes the cost-to-benefit ratio just doesn’t work out. I was in your camp for a long time too … but then my 2011 27" iMac died and now I’m on a custom PC.

The real challenge is probably that Apple just doesn’t put enough hardware into Macs to make them decent gaming machines. They’re indifferent to the whole gaming market because the gaming market is beneath them … and unfortunately for us gamers, they’re right. :expressionless:

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I think a Mac might catch on fire trying to run this game. I even own a macbook pro and watching youtube vids gets it cooking.

A pc for less than a grand will run this game well. A pc that cost as much as a Mac will run any game well.

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Any PC can run it, a dual boot windows on Mac can run it. So GOD… Just ask Feral Interactive or something like that to make it playable on Mac if U don’t wanna do it yourself

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