Overwatch Credits Last Chance?

The final moment to spend credits on Overwatch seasonal cosmetics is here! […] Remaining credits will be transferred to Overwatch 2 to use on items in the Hero Gallery.

From the patch notes. Can this be clarified? Why is it advertised as “last chance to spend your credits!” when your credits are seemingly rolled over when the update hits?


To spend your credits on these items at known prices. We have no idea what the credits will buy in OW2 nor if the OW1 items will retain their current prices. For all we know, skins that cost 1000c now might cost 5000c in OW2.


It would be stupid of blizzard to have the already existing credits being able to purchase anything of substance. That will all be gated behind “premium” currencies.


What’s the source of that?

lol…that would be generous…we all know how this is going to be…

all cosmetics are going $$$ only…thats how f2p always works…get what you want while you can


hopefully Tyrande Sym is making a come back


tyrande wasnt from a seasonal event so highly doubtful


I hate they don’t change their mind to delete OW1… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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maybe in a $40 pack along with other blizzcons (or selecting which one you wish for like $10) more money for them tbh


like wtf should this mean , I NEED OWL VAULT , NOT AN ANNIVERSARY REMIX VOL.4


they could just sell everything at all times (blizzcon, OWL, seasonal, origin,)…they dont cause the exclusivity gets people to play/pay more…

in any case i really doubt theyll be reselling blizzcon stuff…that like never happens across like all their games

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They say that normal gallery items can still be purchased with coins. It’s the seasonal items that can’t I guess. Don’t know if they just go away or if they’ll be sold with the new currency during future events.

don`t underestimate hungry money corporates

My confusion is just, wasn’t that the point of the anniversary remixes? I don’t understand what this is then.


my guess would be “we gave you guys an opportunity to spend those credits before they become useless…dont blame us now” sort of deal…


The source of what? “For all we know” and “might cost” implies we don’t know anything that could happen but a cost increase is definitely a possibility.


You might be right, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut as all that. Allowing OW2 newcomers to grind out OW1 skins through playing the game is a way of keeping the OW2 newcomers around. OW2 newcomers who stick around are people who will potentially decide to buy a battlepass or a paid-for cosmetic.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the free tier of the battle pass (or equivalent) is mostly made up of OW1 creds to buy OW1 cosmetics with.

maybe some common quality ones…have to understand that the move to f2p is made to maximize profits…we’ve seen these types of systems before…

we might be able to get a few of the new common/rare quality stuff on free systems…but i can all but guarantee that pretty much anything thats “worth” getting is going to be behind paywalls…and that goes for older content as well…

This upcoming event will be the last to spend on any seasonal loot box item that can be unlocked with the current Overwatch in-game currency. We will be detailing how past seasonal content and other items are collected in Overwatch 2 in an upcoming news post this month.


Okay, so no past challenge skins then?