Overwatch crashing again during comp

Reinstalled Windows for other reasons thought it might have also fixed overwatch crashes but alas it crashed again mid game competitive.

Hardware : GTX 1660 Oc 6GB, R 2600 X, 16GB 3200MHZ RAM
Applications Open During Crash: Opera GX, Steam, Blizzard, Discord and Spotify.

Already tried doing a full driver uninstall and reinstall.
Tried again New error code
Crashed middle of game no reason

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Only staff can read error codes, so they are generally used for the ticket system. On the forums we can use a DxDiag to see if the crash reason is listed there.

Would that be located within the crash log?

No, it’s a separate report generated on Windows.

Sometimes the error log can help, too. It just depends on what’s causing the crash.