Overwatch Crashes

So, I start up my Computer, and there’s some odd things that happen. First of all, I get a “System Error” message that reads:
“Program can’t start because OpenCL.dll is missing from your Computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem.”

Mind you, I’m not Tech Savvy, I’m fairly ignorant (or very), when it comes to this department. Anyway, even with this Message, I can do everything else on my Computer just fine. I can play WoW Classic & Hearthstone (2/3 Blizz Games I enjoy) and The Sims 3. I can watch YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Video, etc. I can log into Facebook. I can do everything I would normally do except play Overwatch.

I get a Message that pops up saying that Overwatch has crashed. The issue I’m having is everything is fine upon restarting my Computer. Overwatch is loaded, and I can check out the Hero Gallery for about a couple of minutes before something ('cause I don’t think it’s Overwatch) makes it Crash and shuts down Overwatch. I’ve been unable to play Overwatch, specifically. Meanwhile, I can do everything else, on my Computer, that I normally would. I’ve followed some directions via uninstalling and reinstalling Overwatch. Uninstalling and reinstalling my Drivers/updated my Drivers. I did the Blizz Scan & Repair thing, but it says there’s “nothing” to repair.

I’m confused 'cause I used to be able to play Overwatch on this Computer (which is pretty old, 9 years old, however my Video Card is only 4 years old), now I cannot. I’d love to play Overwatch, again. I’ve researched to the best of my ability and found out about doing a “DxDiag”, and I have that available here:

About best I can do, for not being all that Tech Savvy. Thanks, in advance.

This is part of AMD ReLive, it comes with your GPU’s driver software. It captures gameplay that you can “re-live” later. There may be some corrupted parts of your driver install, so you could try removing them with a third party app called Display Driver Uninstaller, and then reinstalling the latest version. Simply uninstalling through Windows or the driver itself will not remove everything.

Although your dxdiag is missing the error section at the end, I’m fairly certain you’re experiencing a known bug with Razer Chroma SDK.

You can follow the steps here (paying special attention to the files listed in the post that you may need to remove manually) to resolve that: