Overwatch Contenders / League 2022 Schedule - Earn Skins

I love how I got during the OWL exactly 145 tokens, EXACTLY 29 hours watched when they were like 40-50 more like it… BUT, even though I got 145 tokens, I still don’t have the Baptiste and Sigma skins… and crazy, I have Kiriko and Junker Queen skins, but no Soujourn skin… which is mind blowing since you need 2 hours to get the first 2, while only 1 hour to get Soujourn… which means if you already have unlocked the first 2, the Sojourn one should be fully unlocked.

But NOOOO, logic doesn’t exist in Blizzard’s head… and here we’ll see how they’ll properly refuse to grant people their skins even if, logically, they should manualy unlock them due to their bad and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX development.

Because why take responsability for your actions and try to fix them? Just hire Wyoming for a couple grand a month in salary and that’s it, no one to pesture us when the peasants rally up because of drops. Unbe-efing-livable.

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They should 100% change this: Didn't Receive Overwatch League Tokens From Watching Matches - Blizzard Support - into saying that:

"Tokens may take up to 48 hours for delivery. TOKENS MIGHT NOT APPEAR AT ALL SO WHATEVA FOOL! Tokens can only be earned by watching on eligible platforms. "

Same boat as a lot of other people. Stopped getting rewards after Wednesday’s streams, so I’m missing stuff from Bap (18 hours) and onwards :confused: including the bonus rewards like the player icons and the Lucio Emote.


Craig just replied that they are still processing the WATCH TIME, so they are aware of the problem and just need a bit more patience.


But only for the grand finals, we miss skins of playoff.

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Thanks for pointing that out.

I got the Grand Finals Pulse Pistol name card in the 1 hour tier, but no accompanying Sojourn. Did not get the Grand Finals 2 spray from the preceding half hour tier, and my token amount hasn’t budged last playoffs match, so something is definitely off.

Glad that we got an acknowledgement of the issue.

Got up to mei for overwatch league. Still missing a ton of skins.

Got the pulse pistol name card for the grand finals but still missing everything else.

At least I got my D.Va skin for contenders now. No reason to watch the stream anymore.


Yeah, something is clearly amiss – I am in the same boat. Having some later tier items, but not the things before it is pretty definitive.

Glad to see at least a recommended twitter resource for updates – better than languishing in the void.

Now,they make a statement on Twitter.


Eh, I’m sure it’ll end up something like this : “Youtube servers couldn’t handle so many people. We just lost all information regarding who connected and for how many time past day 2. We’ll award all skins&perks for anyone who watched day 1 but screw you for the tokens.”

Im honestly would be fine even with that. Tokens can be replaced but the gray skins and other item rewards are likely forever gone if you missed out on them, so it would be very sad if we dont get those at least because of a youtube or blizzard mess up.

Moving forward they probably do gray skins for the OW2 looks.


i completely agree - they should have made a statement long before this one. They also do not explain as to reason why it is taken so long. I think we deserve a full or a fuller explanation.

i got mei’s tier and nothing else, not even the contenders rewards

this is so stupid.

it comes with soujourn skin? i got the namecard no skin

I can confirm that I have received the pulse pistol name card

No one has the Sojourn skin, it most likely wasn’t patched in yet.

Here is what is going on behind the scenes:

Somehow, the data has been corrupted, not recorded correctly, accidently deleted, randomized, or otherwise made useless.

The last weeks have been YT and Blizz doing forensic work, followed by a series of CYA meetings, followed by some PR and spin meetings, and now they are making last attempts to come up with a plan to fix the mess.

Hopefully they figure it out! I watched (actually watched, mind you) over 40 hours of OWL. The skins aren’t even the main issue for me now - it is the lack of clarity and communication.

The worst part? I would NEVER watch OWL without an incentive. And I play the game every day! I showed my videogame-playing, sports-loving brother a match of OWL and he looked at me like I was out of the family. Confusing and cringe (he saw the dance-offs) were his takeaways.

Here’s to hope!



Hope they can fix this soon, people are in flames with all this management. I’m waiting too for the rewards, I did’nt received nothing towards the 12 hours tier, except the Tracer’s weapon’s namecard. And for sure I watched a lot more than the 45 hours required.

So for now… only we can do is wait.

I’ve been watching the contenders live for over 10 hours, but I don’t know why I haven’t received the DVA skin yet. The skin of Soldier 76 was received normally before.
Is there a problem with the YouTube drop? No matter which region you watch, it should count towards the cumulative time, right?
Still waiting for a reward from OWL.

Contenders drops seem to be working normally and all regions count towards the rewards. There’s still over 2 dozen rewards-eligible broadcasts until Dec. 16 so you have plenty of time.