Overwatch competitive matchmaker patent

I don’t want to risk posting the actual link here, but you can Google it to see what it does.

Basically it confirms that the game intentionally places worse players with good players to create an even match. I always somewhat defended the matchmaker at least to a small extent.

It also uses disconnects and rage quits as a determination when creating matches.

Just Google overwatch patent and it will come up.


This is the actual patent. Since people got confused down below.


confirmation bias


Jeff Kaplan oversimplifies how the matchmaking works.
Archive of old post before Blizzard stopped answering the nonsense.
Basically. But hey why would you trust blizzard over someone that just made a post somewhere to speak about it. But it’s not like jeff kaplan just kinda answered to that.


Its a patent. Not the person. I can’t deny the patent itself and Jeff replied to it. as you saw but he only comments on the one part.

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You really don’t trust blizzard as I can see. You need to understand that a game dev would understand how the matchmaking works better.

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The patent speaks for itself and it’s a company. Public relations is important. You can’t go and say something like that knowing you will get insane backlash.

Also developers generally don’t understand anything. They just do what they are told.


Let’s see. What if they even out the match? Both player are around the same SR. One will be slighly higher and the other slighly under. But there won’t be any major difference between the two unless it’s a smurf. There is no unwinnqble game until something happens. Even with “bad” teammates. People tends to just lose their will to play after the first fight. There is just so much someone can do. Expecting everyone to be at the same exact level to create a completly fair match is impossible unless the 12 player are perfect.

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Actually, I have an exemple. Let’s say i’m playing csgo. I watch some GE play and I go do my placement. 10 wins after I get placed to silver 2. Go into the next game and I’m got teammates that can’t meet my expectation etc. But if I look at myself I get 1-2 kill every other fight. But what about my team. They do the same. But the enemy has the momentum and just wrecks us. You’ll think it’s rigged because they got the better player and you got trash teammate. But you can’t look at yourself.

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It shouldn’t try to create a fair match at all. Its artificially manipulating match outcome.

And I feel bad for these bad players honestly who are being boosted by the game.

Also cs go isn’t the same. Your carry potential is fifteen times higher than overwatch. One badtank in ow will destroy a team. One bad player in cs won’t. Even two bad players won’t.


Seriously? Fine no fair match then. Time for a lot of people to get destroyed. The player manipulate the outcome not the matchmaker. It predicts it but doesnt force the lose or win. Carry potential in overwatch is huge too. I could probably carry 5 people with ana without really thinking.

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If you say so but carry potential is a lot higher in cs. Its as simple as click heads better. Its all mechanical.

Good. People will fall to where they belong alot faster. The game fails at making a fair match anyway. No need to cushion people’s bad play by making losing harder for them.

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“Without going into details”, “mostly affected by”…he is not lying but not opening up the topic either.

Is the patent in use or not?
Are you matching players based on performance or not?
Simple questions and should be simple answers, but no.

This is truly sad since the normal player without true carry potential won’t be ever reaching/peeking his/her true rank. My best learnings came when I was destroyed by 3300 Rein.


Ugghh sad stuff. I love this game…truly. There is no better team based game available. I do not see eye to eye with all the design principles like being capable of one-shotting people outside ults and tanks not feeling tanks at all. But still this is THE BEST game. I wish that they would totally redesign the matchmaking.

WoW had the best matchmaking that I have ever encountered. MMR is visible and you will very quickly reach your potential in SR and your downward swings are only -100. Swings represent like 1/30 from the total SR when here in OW you can drop 800 easy which is roughly 1/6 from total.

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I just want to say that it is not Overwatch matchmaking or anything of the sort. It is the people. I have never had so many leavers (my team and the enemy team) in my games than I did in the past month or so. As soon as one team takes the first point, wins the first fight (does not matter if it is my team or the other) someone will ragequit, but definitely not before they either write in match chat (if it is the enemy team) how his team is bad and how he cannot carry stupid or will join voice (if it is on my team) just to call all of us trash and how we should kys.

There is no matchmaking in this world that can deal with snowflakes, bad upbringing and bad parenting. Maybe mentioning upbringing is a bit silly in a video game but trust me it does bear meaning. People are so spoiled, so much that it permeates every single aspect of life or leisure. The whining begins at the load screen, and especially when people pick their heroes.

People blaming the matchmaker are those people who have simply given up. That’s all. Given up, have thrown in the towel, you name it. In some aspect I do not blame them, because I have been trying to get this account to Gold on support (started in Bronze and actually decided to grind it up on heroes I wanted to learn to get it close to my main, so I can play them on my main) and the amount of people I have encountered who have given up on improving themselves is tremendous. So much toxicity has actually prevented anyone who has ever decided to grind and improve in this game to actually try, hence leaving you to play with people who simply do not care anymore and have decided to do their own thing, blaming everything and everyone for when thy lose. I understand them to a certain degree (believe me I have had, as many of us, my fair share of toxicity that made me stop playing comp for a few days just to keep my sanity in check), but I personally have always tried and still am trying to get past all of that and just to focus on myself. I am 1 win away from reaching Gold on support on this account, and I have to say that I was simply forced to take a little break from comp. All of us have their limits irregardless of what type of limits they are.

In the past three games I have had (was like 2 hours ago or so) I have been called a b* , a ducking w* just for saying x, y, z behind us, x, y, z has ult, pull back etc. And worst of it I have won 2 of those games only because one of the enemy players left, 2 games in a row, because they either died first, or have lost the first point. People have given up. People have become way too sensitive blaming everything on the Devs, matchmaking etc. and never, not once did it ever ever occurred to them to look at themselves.

Same thing as in real life. You have to work for something, to get something, to achieve something. You have to study hard to pass a tough exam, you have to work hard and prove yourself to get a promotion at work etc. Everything requires sacrifice, hard work and self reflection. But in the end for most people it is easier to blame someone or something else for their failures rather than themselves. I guess it makes them feel better about not being a complete failure in life.

So no, OW matchmaking is not bad, you are. The sooner you realize it the sooner you might actually start to work on your own gameplay and actually improve at the game.


It is not. It has been stated several times by people who looked deeper into the patent topic on here before that the patent ACTIVISION (not blizzard, blizzard has no patent on matchmaking) has is used for CoD not OW.

Without actual research and proof that means nothing. When jeff kaplan himself didn’t say anything about them not using the patent just yesterday.

Okay then do your research then. Find something stating that they use the patent for OW that isn’t a random blog post by someone who is bitter about the game. It is a patent by activision, the company that makes CoD and that merged with Blizzard, not a patent by blizzard. Without research or evidence all your claims mean nothing as well. All your evidence boils down to “they didn’t deny it!”

You clearly don’t want to trust anything coming directly from the source of the people making the game, so why should we trust you and assume that you aren’t incredibly biased?

I will do my research but like I said if if they didn’t use the patent Jeff kaplan should of just denied it. Instead of just saying we don’t do these two things. That’s basically saying everything else is true.

Also I highly doubt it’s used for cod. You wouldn’t get a match in less than 30 seconds if the matchmaker was that intricate.


Mr. Fantastic would be proud of that stretch dude…

He was never even asked about the patent! Why would he address something so specific, not to mention something that is functionally a conspiracy theory that used information for a different game to even be made, when he wasn’t even asked about it? Using that logic I can say that Blizzard uses how many loot boxes you bought as a metric to give you more wins because they didn’t deny it in that post.

Doubt all you want, that’s what it’s for.

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Reaction from Jeff Kaplan from 21 hours ago:

overwatch does not use any analysis of chat (voice or text) for matchmaking.

without going overly into details, overwatch match makes on:

–your matchmaking rating (MMR) - this is mostly affected by win/loss, with variance applied for certain conditions (i.e. brand new player, among other things)

–your region

–your ping

again, that’s overly simplified. but that’s basically it.

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