Overwatch bronze/silver lfg

I play supports/tanks, seeing quite a few others looking to climb out of bronze/silver. I am high bronze for tank/low bronze support in role queue yet low/mid silver in open queue go figure…Made a discord to try and help us find each other and end the bronze 5 curse. EndBronzeLifeOW2 is the discord name, let’s help each other climb!

Battletag Shaliy#1259 if you would rather add me that way

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Lol, bronze 5 curse!

I’m (NA) (PC)

SURE! I’m also hard-stuck bronze. Widow main, will switch to Genji, 76, Sojourn, or Hanzo if needed.
Discord: ChristianSchober#6003 (not sure if it has numbers and hashtag)
BattleTag: SepiaViper#14219

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I tried to add u on discord but couldn’t. Said the username was wrong. Sent a request on OW.

10 char bypassssssssssssssssssssssss

add me OnigiriRice#3962

You can add me on discord @ aristogglez if you’d like :slight_smile:

I’ve even trying to find people to play with my tag is EdWoozy #1870

Have added you on bnet, couldn’t find the Discord server. Not sure where you are based but im in Australia, hopefully timezones match up.

Feel free to add me.

Mid bronze, play a lot of matches in the brz - silver range.

play evenings PST, (West Coast)

MacCoffee #11133

If you are still playing, I am a bronze 1 support! :smiley:

Add me too ShinyHero #175655

Lemme know if you need a plat support.


Your rank isnt a problem if I can help anyone watch and grow while i have their back.