Overwatch Black Screen and immediately closes

When trying to start Overwatch my screen goes black and Overwatch closes. I have no idea what the problem could be I already tried the following things:

  • Scan and repair Overwatch
  • Reset In-Game Options
  • Reinstall Overwatch on HDD
  • Reinstall Overwatch on SSD
  • Reinstall Nvidia Driver
  • Delete Nvidia Driver and install an older version
  • Delete Nvidia Driver and install the latest version
  • Reinstall Geforce now
  • Close different applications before starting Overwatch
  • Run the Memory Diagnostic Tool - All working fine

Can Someone help me, thank you in advance! If you need any additional information, let know!

Do you run any Razer branded peripherals? If so you may be using an out of date version of the Razer Synapse software.

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Thank you for your support!