Overwatch Bans: Long-term Mentality and Recent Action

There actually was a CSGO trust factor issue that got overturned recently. It went as far up as Gaben. IIRC it turned out MESA was doing some tricky multi-threading as an optimization and CSGO freaked out that there was a mismatch in expected vs actual thread count.

There’s a phoronix article on this from the other week.

so will you unban forum people that had legit complains about cheaters, and got forum bans? what appears now to be a valid complaint


Let the cat leave the house to hunt mice. :grinning:
How many of those 10,000 accounts belonged to rage cheaters and players who downloaded free aimbots from github or tried other stupid internal things?
Only stupid mice enter houses where cats live.

Statistics on this would be interesting. How many of the detected cheaters were using high-quality cheating software?
And how were they detected? Probably exclusively via machine learning models and player reports. In other words, this player can come back with the same cheat and a new account and possibly play undetected again.

Are behavioural analysis and machine learning used for players outside GM and Top500?
According to “rumours”, these techniques are only used for high-ranking players.

(this is about adding a kernel component to your anticheat, we need that!)


I see a lot of brand new accounts today. :thinking:


OWL players are on alt accounts, they’re not smurf accounts. This game is five years old, how do people still not know the difference between the two?!

because of this
imgur. com/a/qIaGact

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Most serious GM players have no desire to play in lower ranks because when you’re GM, playing in bronze doesn’t make you better. It’s mostly low masters players smurfing who are not good enough to get to GM.

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Well, yes. :slightly_smiling_face: BUT there was this one guy 2 years (?) ago, who wrote a long forum-post describing why he, as (legit) GM tank, de-ranked his DPS role to bronze.
I think the key aspects were “To be able to play Tracer” and “to dominate”. :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:

So you banned the smurfs that are ruining the gameplay, right?


ban them

blizzards special fav children should be held accountable too

the amount of plat-GM smurfs i got while in bronze and silver is sickening. you cant actually improve your skills playing against them nvm win.
when you teach a baby to swim you dont throw them off the boat into the middle of the ocean

Grats on the 10k extra sales I guess?

I get the feeling more effort was put into typing out that post than actually went into dealing with cheaters.


I’d make some changes to the matchmaker in this regard. Players that have reached Plat+ for a full season aren’t matched lower than Gold even if they attempt to throw down. If you can reach platinum and up there are few reasons you’d ever find Bronze and Silver any kind of challenge so it’d be good for the Plat+ players as well… there is a limit to how far throwers could de-rank you.

Bronze - Gold players that are level 250+ and have SMS Protect enabled have a protected queue where they cannot be matched against sub-level 250 accounts or those accounts without SMS Protect enabled. So smurfs would need to buy a level 250 account and SMS verify it before being put into gen pop… and buying a traded account is against the TOS and would be a bannable activity. That leaves all the players buying new accounts in order to smurf to deal with each other. Eventually, legitimate players will graduate to the protected gen pop and not have to deal with the dregs of Overwatch.


This post might’ve had an impact on twitter, but here it’s like screaming into oblivion.

Any chance we could get this same treatment for throwers and smurfs?
They ruin the game experience just as badly as cheating does, if not more so.


After 2 tickets my ban was repealed, they refused after the first review but received a ‘Closure Overturned’ email after the second.
Thank you for taking the time to review.


I really laugh at the number of people who still blame smurfs for their inability to improve and climb the ranks. The same people could play 20 games in a row and not vs a single smurf, yet still, lose SR. There is a bigger problem: YOU. You can’t even carry against players in a rank you believe you should be above. You definitely can’t carry against one smurf, and you DEFINITELY will not ever, in a million years, be able to pull weight in a higher ELO. So take a reality check people, smurfs are the least of your worries.

Please don’t add a kernel level anti cheat, these ruin any chance of being able to play games on Linux.

That and giving another company permanent root level access on my machine is not something I want.


Linux user here. Just got my “Closure Overturned” email! Very happy! I will be installing a Win10 partition in the morning though and playing on that for the foreseeable future.


That’s not the same thing btw. A child is physically and mentally impaired compared to a grown adult so obviously they will never be able to compete in a professional sports evironment in real life. Lol? You are in a virtual evironment and started on the same playing field as your fellow gamers. Assuming you’re a grown person, why don’t you take some responsibility? You have the ability to improve and start beating those smurfs do you not? Or are you going to tell me that your gaming chair is holding you back? I never said I was a champ either, it’s a quote my dude… hence the quotation marks.

I also got it, I might have to do the same. I just don’t want to have to reboot all the time to play.