Overwatch and Google Chrome can't run concurrently since the latest patch


Ever since I started playing the game I had Chrome running in addition to OW, and I’d most likely watch (or rather listen to) YT videos while playing. And up until now there was no issue with that.

But in the latest patch something changed for the worse. Whenever I have Chrome and OW running on my PC at the same time, I’m having much worse FPS than before:

  • If I’m in a custom game completely alone with no other entities or players, I’d have minor lag spikes, when before the patch it was completely smooth.
  • If I’m in the practice range with AI entities, I’d experience major lag spikes that can affect my gameplay, but still not completely ruin my expeirence.
  • But if I get in a game with other players it’s just the worst, because I’m basically unable to play. My framerate would drop to single digit numbers, and stay there for what seems to be forever.

And it’s not just OW that suffers. Chrome also lags a lot when running concurrently with OW since the latest patch. It’d take me forever to search up something or turn on a video, when it used to be almost as smooth as butter just a week ago. (And on it’s own Chrome works just fine, as smooth as it was when the pre-patch game was running.)

Why does all of this happen now? Did something in the patch make the game incompatible with Chrome or something? Is there something I can do to make them run properly again?


i noticed the same thing today


Hey if you guys could repost here it would likely help get attention on these issues, as there are over 20 similar posts -


Same thing since some time.

Please fix. Before i could swap and use chrome and Overwatch without problem. HELP


I have drops from 140, 160 fps to 30-40 'cause of Chrome. It doesnt even matter if any tabs opened.


Have the same issue my fps usually is between 140-160 fps and if chrome is running it plummets to 2-30 fps… unplayable


I guess Blizzard still didnt look at this problem.


For me, the fps drop is gone, but if you’re using Chrome AND start OW, OW launch is long and freezes Chrome


Same thing here, If OW is opened with chrome, I have lag spikes,my frame limiter at 250fps, fps drop for a sec to 210 fps every 3-4 secs. If set to 60 , Still drop of 30 fps or more.
I close it and BOOM now it’s okay.


This has been an unusual issue that I have been following. Needless to say, I don’t know of any other solution other than to make sure Google Chrome is completely shut down (and make sure to close all processes in your Windows Control Panel to do so).


It might not be OW thats the issue.
I’m experiencing it too and i notice Chrome spikes 20-40% randomly. When it spikes it lowers me GPU usage (often my CPU doesnt even hit 80% loading (overall or separate threads)
I’ve narrowed it to facebook or email tabs. Perhaps if we can roll back chrome and see if this issue still exists?


I’m going to try that and hope it fix the problem… I’ve been getting some huge fps drops during team fights and in random maps that aren’t even big to be considered heavy.


I’m having the same issue

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