Overwatch 2 the (probably) $40+ dlc

What you wanted and what they sold was entirely different though. I definitely wanted more story too, but for what they advertised I was paying for the game.

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Overwatch 2 happens mainly because of PVE’s success due to seasonal events. It would have never happened if people hadn’t asked for more and more lore, cinematics and PVE missions.

Our community asked for all those features that were never intended / meant for a PVP game in the first place. We made it famous as we grew fond of OW’s storyline.

Now we finally get what we wished for but thinking it would be for free is delusional. It takes resources and time to work on something as big as PVE.

Hard work deserves a reward and since we’re living in a capitalist world… I let you do the math.

P.S. 40 to 60 dollars seems reasonable to me, I don’t think it will be more no matter how big (or small) OW2 is.

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40 bucks are fine and here is why:
They put massive amount of work in overhauling the engine and make it future.
“Hurr durr but OW1 player will get it for free”, because PVE player will pay for it. Everyone who buys OW2 subsidize (they pay for) the people who don’t want to buy it. It’s an incredible smart move, without splitting the community

Dev time is expensive and if it will be as huge as they indicated, 60 bucks be fair too.

OW1 was never sold as an PVE experience, they never said their will big PVE content for free.
Too many people are implicating that PVE will be just a big archives event, and thus it’s justified to get PVE for free.
The demo is a proof that is not the case

Can these people please explain in detail why they think they are entitled too free PVE content. I really want to understand you


You clearly have no idea, how law practices work.

Fifa and all their games says hello, get out of here with your made up facts, that is the 2nd time this debate you just make up stuff to prove a point.

Again its the same game with with updated graphics it’s not a new game so to say OW isn’t made to support a full story makes no sense.

Oh wow It real nice of teams like the tf2 team and csgo team at valve don’t get paid or games like fortnite,or apex,or literaly any other game that is free what great dudes.

I don’t no what you mean no. tracer’s is just her throwing her pulse grenade,hanzo’s is just him firing an arrow, rein’s was just his earth shatter animation, mei’s cryo frezee was slightly changed and her rolling one was new ,and the fire was new but that not technically an animation. so saying no none of those were not existing animations is just a lie.


Well no I knew what I was getting going ,but the promise of updates meant anything could happen and Blizzard knew this is what people wanted or otherwise they wouldn’t be making “Overwatch 2” anything like the game now they would actually make a new game ,but just to milk as much money off the first one that why their using the same overall engine ,with just with an improved graphics engine. If the really cared about providing a quality game with game play and story they would spend the time and money to make a completely new game with a new engine, cause I don’t know if yall realize but were probably going to be fighting the same dumb brain bots for propably every mission.

20-30 dollars. It will never be more

You don’t seem to understand. All the effects are different. Pulse bomb is the only one that is close to the existing one. Reins earth Shatter effect with epicenter enabled went all around him. That’s different than the current cone effect. Mei coming out of Cryo Freeze had an effect on the ground. The freezing animation was new. And yes, the fire is an animation. It’s graphics on the screen that move.

You don’t seem to understand effects aren’t the same as animations. Animations are done by hand by someone. Effects are done by the actual game every time they happen some one not pain stakingly animating every possible path hanzo’s arrow that would be immposible as for rein’s hammer it is new but I dont know that might be an animation but I belive that might be a sort of illumination effect. The fire ,could be an animation,but is probably just a particle effect, same for hanzos arrow.

It’s not just a graphics update, this is a major engine overhaul. Devs stated in the past that they can’t implement many features, especially bigger PVE content (like the one we will get) because of the limitations of the old engine.
At Blizzcon they specifically said that it’s an updated engine.

A new engine takes around 2-5+ years development time (not added the game time it takes to develop a new game) and a huge investment.
They did the right thing: Updating the whole thing. make it future proff, add PVE, feed it with regular content, not splitting the community and give room for planning OW 3.

People behave like OW was designed and developed with PVE in mind (spoiler: It wasn’t)
OW grew a lot over the past years, far beyond the expectations of the devs


Procedurally generated or hand animated, either way there’s a lot of work that goes into getting the way it looks and feels correct. It takes a lot of effort and time, and whether it’s new effects or new animation, the point is that it’s new. Your being a bit pedantic, which is fine, but don’t miss the point in the process.

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If you bought overwatch you already got the full game you paid for. They are developing something new that was never included in the first game. As such, if you want to play the new pve then you have to pay for it.

Your sense of entitled is truly next level. There is nothing wrong with a company charging for a product. I honestly think they undersell themselves with overwatch already.


It’s a trend in a lot of people nowadays. Especially younger people. Not saying the cheapskates in this thread are young, but it’s especially pervasive in the younger generations.

They will stop at nothing in their quest to have everything for free. Or at least have someone else pay the cost. It’s truly disheartening to see how entitled people are.

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Or Blizzard has discovered that after a year or so of demands for story that people wanted something that their current game couldn’t deliver and are implementing a way to deliver that in a way that’s less resource intensive than building from the ground up. When the game launched there’s no way they could have guessed how involved people would be in the story VS the multiplayer, let alone the fact people would be willing to pay JUST for more story.

You wanna wait 7+ years for OW2? I don’t think you understand what you just asked for.

Those bots were difficult enough to give pro level players a run for their money on demo day. I don’t expect they’ll need to innovate too much in the AI department if they at least make the mission objectives different. The bots currently are plenty difficult enough for the majority of the playerbase, if you’re some kinda “pfft legendary difficulty” player then it might be disappointing but for most of us cranked up bots en-masse are plenty of challenge.


Yea an updated graphics engine. If you can find something saying there updating more than that then please share, but I haven’t seen anything talking about them updating the engine besides the graphics engine.

Yea fair point ,but I just wanted to make the point that animations are usually take a lot more manual work, and that their weren’t that many new animations as of yet.

I understand for paying new content. I just don’t want Blizzard pretending this is a new game and charging new game price, I wouldn’t even mind paying for it if they just treat it and price it like what it is an expansion

Yea while I do think it should be free for the people for OW because if this
article (https:// www.pcgamesn .com/overwatch/revenue I added spaces to the url so I could actually post) is to be believed they already made plenty of money on loot box sales alone for them to make it without charging OW players

honestly I wouldn’t mind if it meant they actually to take the time to make a completely new game that would make sense for it to take so long ,but it already took 3 years for them to add it to the original game and their trying to market it like a new game.

Can’t see myself paying $40 for an arcade mode

No need to call people ingrates and how do you know Activision is forcing them to name it Overwatch 2?

Lets just take my post out of context. It seems to work, not including the whole sentence.


OW2 is mostly free with the PVE portion being the only part needed to be paid for?

Cause otherwise Blizzard would be violating their own idealogy they set back when this game launched. Not needing to pay for Heroes & Maps, and Jeff even said during one of the two related panels during Blizzcon that Overwatch owners will not require to purchase Overwatch 2 in order to get said upgrades.

The only part that will require purchase is all the PVE related content they are bundling with it and the whole part about it being a sequel is their market strategy. They are calling it a sequel to get more buyers and please the share holders. My guess is 20$, as the base game is sitting at 20$ at the moment and that means with every new player getting into Overwatch they’d be paying full price for PC anyways, even though the game is 3 years old. Meaning Blizzard would be making a decent amount of $$$ from it.

Again like during Blizzcon, they’re being very vague in they’re wording. They’re calling it a sequel when it should or I hope it will be more like an expansion with optional PVE content that’s behind a pay wall.

This is how I understood after watching both panels from Blizzcon and a few Youtube video opinions. I may be wrong, I hope I’m not cause it’d be the best outcome for the game, the consumers and Blizzard.

I left the rest of that sentence out as I didn’t think it made sense. The devs never promised to give us a full story campaign…