Overwatch 2 - Stuck in Bronze 5

I’ve won quite a few games but everytime I win my 7th game I go from Bronze 5, to Bronze 5. My rank is not changing at all. Is my progress not going to count when this is fixed? Will I have to start from Bronze 5 once the bug is fixed and all the previous games won don’t count? Or are you able to put me at my earned rank.


I only placed, but I have to agree. I got bronze 4 but all players in my game were absolutely ripping domes. I was top player too. Killcams looked like plat/diamond possibly masters. So I’m also not sure what is happening.


After I had won 7 matches and lost 1 I was placed in bronze 5. I decided to then play mei only, out of 17 matches with mei, I won 12 and lost 5, have a 70% win rate with her, a 49% weapon accuracy, and guess what I’m still Bronze 5.

Overwatch 2 is a total mess. The Majority of players are placing bronze 5, because the majority of players were Silver/Gold/Plat. There’s zero reason to keep playing this game if there’s going to be absolutely zero progression.

The game is so bugged and riddled with so many issues. They removed Bastion completely from the game, removed Torb from comp. Blizzard launches SMS protect which seemed more like they were trying to mine phone number rather than trying to do the so called “creating a positive game experience”. They encourage players to report other players for being toxic in game, however, when you’re in a match if you try to report toxic behavior, the screen pops up and locks as you are unable to access the drop down menu to select what the report is for.

They also remove portrait levels, yet in your profile they like to rub that in your face by having a permeant icon of what your portrait level was in Overwatch 1, like that’s pretty insulting if you ask me. Just a constant reminder of what they took away from the game.

They removed Anubis, Hanamora, Volskya, Gezz thanks blizzard, and added a really boring map mode of push robots, that basically tells one team all match that they are essentially losing as it’s almost impossible to make a comeback if you’re team isn’t the first to make push progress. Those maps are terrible. Then lets not forgot when they took away Paris and Lunar colony. I really enjoyed those maps, and they said they were going to rework them… but wait, that never happened.

Oh and lets not forgot that all your in game credits that you got can no longer use to buy some of the skins that you were able to buy previously. Big cash grab when those skins were once able to be purchased in the game with those credits for a GAME we paid for that Blizzard decided to make free for everyone and create a new microtransaction push.

When Jeff Caplin was at the Helm of Overwatch, The game was FUN. But then they fired Jeff and made him sign an NDA and it’s all gone down hill since.


The system placed everyone lower than they actually (lastly) played. For me it was around 1k SR lower than I would normally have started at. So you will see a lot of better players since they need to climb first.

Also in another thread some wrote: Bronze 5 is 0-1099 SR. So actually getting out of there may need a lot of wins with a good winrate, since you lose SR by losing games and sadly instead of making Bronze 200SR each tier, they made the bottom pretty large.

Otherwise @Aokighara:
Getting Bastion out for now is better since there were exploits in his ultimate. Same for torb as far as I know. Same with maps where you would fall to your death.
Not good for Blizzard but it would be worse otherwise.

Reporting works fine for me tho. Only moment I had those problems were when I respawned. Then it bugged out for me too.

Paris and Lunar were also horrible. I don’t know about your rank but I never had a really good experience on them. Just badly designed. People were constantly leaving on those maps and complaining about them.
As for the rework… Hopefully they get them out someday lol

With portrait levels and game credits I’m totally with you. Levels are useless, I would prefer if it looked cleaner. Having all those skins already from Ow1 is enough. Also yes, shop is buggy af.

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I was a platinum player. Did my rankings, won 7 games and got highest damage and damage mitigated by far, placed in Bronze 5. I then shook that slap to the face off, won my next 7 games losing only 2 or three along the way, only to be placed back in Bronze 5 again. I am reading a lot of people are having this bug that means that they cant leave bronze and it is very demotivating, especially to see that Blizzard have yet to acknowledge it anywhere on.

Update: just won another 7 games with 1 loss, instead of ranking up it just kept me at bronze 5 again. It is cruel on these bronze players to keep me here stomping them. It’s also annoying because my friends are ranking up and I am staying the same, despite constantly getting highest DPS and high damage mitigation and barely dying.


Lmfao I’m bronze 5 also. 64 wins and 9 losses and still no progression. At one point I won 14 straight with solo queue. Please get me out of this division blizzard. Your lower rank people blizzard will eventually stop playing if they forced to play with higher rank every game. At this point it’s no fun quick play is more competitive than competitive.


Why even bother with comp with all they took away from us from OW1, really

Gold/plat player here, placed Bronze 5 after winning 7/10 games, top scoring 8 of them

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This might be a you problem, I’ve placed in bronze 5, but I also rose to gold 3 after winning 14 matches

Yeah, I am still having this issue and I am stomping in Bronze 5 like people leaving due to me stomping hard not fun for me or my team nor their team what is going on it’s almost a year of me stomping I’m not even exaggerating either game are 20-30 kills a game 0-3 deaths Im solo team killing the enemy. I am not climbing out of bronze 4 been like this for a year now. I have to win, I have to play 100 games with 70% win ration to get too bronze 4 lose 1 game in bronze 4 I am back to bronze 5 wtf is going on here? Can’t expect a 100% win ratio people leave the game half way through they start throwing randomly for no reason as well. I have had leavers when your team opens with a team kill you own teammate leaves and then you lose because of it.

Yeah, I just did that Bronze 5 still like I said it’s glitching, played 15 games lost maybe 2 games bronze 5 still.