Overwatch 2 season 9 switch game crash

Hello whoever is reading this, I play Overwatch 2 on the switch oled and when I enter a match like for example comp the game crashes in the match I don’t know what it is, I think it’s Overwatch because other games work. I’ve already uninstalled the game and I even reinstalled it and had it searched for bugs, so missing files weren’t found either. I hope someone can help me, it seems I’m not the only one


Thank you, I felt like I was going insane when my game kept crashing while I was playing with friends. They thought I was doing it on purpose as if I was rage quitting but these reports proved them otherwise. What made it worse is that yesterday when this problem was happening it gave me the same penalty as if I willingly left the game on my own. Today luckily I didn’t get any penalties when I crashed but I definitely hope this gets fixed soon. For some reason it was really hard to report this bug separately so I hope this still makes the fix more efficient as a reply.

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had this happen to me too devs need to fix this I switched tabs once and my game crashed yet showed the loading screen for comp. just recieved a penalty for a bug that wasnt even my fault

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My recommendation level was 4, after de update my level changed to 1, I see that the other players kept their levels.


This has been happening to me as well. I have always played this game on the switch lite and now i cant go more than 1 match without a crash! It is super frustrating as it gives the opposing team an unfair advantage and then penalizes me as if I left on purpose! Someone needs to fix this ASAP!!!

There’s supposed to be a hotfix patch coming out today according to an interview with the lead hero designer but I do not know if the Switch issues are being resolved with it. I asked in the tech support megathread regarding this issue but have not received any confirmation one way or another.

I didn’t see any mention of Switch in this, so I’m not expecting it to fix anything. :frowning:

After the patch the game works again at least for now so man we can play it