Overwatch 2 PvP Beta – Frequently Asked Questions

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta – Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more information about the Overwatch 2 Closed PvP Beta!

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I saw that duplicate thread before it was deleted :stuck_out_tongue: still haven’t (entirely) solved that particular bugbear, eh?

here is my question: What was the point of the live stream?


Will beta testers be given keys to invite a friend or two? Would be lonely trying beta without friends.



Let’s go!! all aboard the hype train!


" We are also inviting select journalists and community contributors from around the world"

I.e. not actual normal humans


How is hardware configuration considered for beta applications if we play on multiple different systems?

I have a system with an i5-4440 and a GTX 660 which sounds about right for minimum requirements. I’d be glad to contribute some more of that legacy hardware performance data, but its not my primary system. I can only assume it would be based on the last platform you played the game on or something like that?

Q. Will there be any other ways to get into the Closed Beta besides opting-in for a chance to be included through your website?
We will have more to share on Beta access soon. Please stay tuned to our @playoverwatch channels and websites for updates.

incoming streamer beta keys!! (My guess anyway)

How will you know if you’ve been selected? do you find out right away? or is it closer to the time of beta launch? I have been playing overwatch on ps4 since season 2 and got it on pc about 2 years ago i think when i built my pc. I have equivalent or higher specs needed. I know this does not guarantee anything. But i would like to know when we would find out. I have surgery on the 20th so beta or not ill be playing overwatch during my recovery. But beta would be pretty cool.

That’s what we Overwatch players are.


Will we be allowed to stream or hold tournaments (with beta participants) during the beta?

Doubt. It is called closed beta after all.

A. Beta testers are chosen based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) your Battle.net region, when you signed up, and your computer hardware specifications.

How does Blizzard even know our PC specs? :thinking:

Q. Will Mac users be able to participate in the beta?
We’re developing Overwatch for Windows-based PCs only, so a Mac-specific beta will not be provided.

Is this to be taken as meaning that no macOS version will be developed in the near future for overwatch? Very unfortunate if true.

Blizzard’s Battle.net Launcher submits that information to them.

I mean probably but I am more worried that it hasn’t been stated anywhere that they do that. Even Steam ask you for permission when sending your PC info.

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Right here:

Blizzard Entertainment Privacy Policy - Legal – Blizzard Entertainment.

“Even Steam” doesn’t really make sense here, because Steam is generally incredibly consumer-friendly when compared to the vast majority of technology/software/gaming oriented companies - partly because they’re privately held.

They’ve certainly made and continue to make mistakes, but they generally have a lot of good-will with consumers.

Here are mine:

1 ) will you roll out NEW maps every 6-9 months.

2 ) will you Remove Portraits.

3 ) will you FIX match maker by making FAIR teams and not do what you did to US and WoW players where we are Solo players throw into the lions den of STACKERS that get to repeatedly WAIL on us.

4 ) Will you consider account time to be part of MMR in Competitive so that way players with just under 25 hours on their account don’t drop in, smurff and continue to drive a wedge into the Competitive scene.

This keeps smurffing under control.

Q. How are Closed Beta participants selected?
A. Beta testers are chosen based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) your Battle.net region, when you signed up, and your computer hardware specifications.<

I suppose my chances of being selected are even thinner now. I have a PC that I can run OW on but I’ve never played on it, only on console and seeing as they be checking hardware stuff I probably won’t be able to participate in the first beta :eye::eyeglasses::eye:

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where do we opt-out of submitting them private data, usage patterns, pc specs, etc ? to me it only makes sense for beta testing (which most of us will never see).

it’s not good faith if it’s not bold upfront and center: “WE MINE U BUT HERE IS OPT-OUT”

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they were basically zero when you weren’t in the top1% of viewership.
Team4 cares more about shadow marketing then hardware stability/compatibility checks.