Overwatch 2 likely price, and preorder bonuses?

To clarify, did they say:

  • free for everyone
  • free for OW1 owners

The words they’ve used suggest that the game is going to be released not too late after the OWL reveal, which is why I think it’s going to be released in late Q3 2022, Q4 at maximum.

Heard of a game called No Man’s Sky?

They are literally doing the No Man’s Sky pr crap and people are gobbling it up like candy.

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To my knowledge there’s only gonna be a single launcher. So if you own overwatch, you’ll get new heroes and maps for free.

If you decide to play pve stuff or want the redesigned base skins, pay for the “upgrade” named OW2

Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong tho. But I’m def not saying the game will be free to play in any way, that’s prob not gonna happen

“Free for everyone”
“I’m def not saying the game will be free to play”

lol… :upside_down_face:


They stated that the PvP Stuff from OW2 will be available for the OW1 Players as they will be in the same Player Pool playing against each other. This includes Heroes Maps and gamemodes. Your progress from OW1 will carry over to OW2. So you will keep your cosmetics.

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Legit a good game now.


My prediction:

Base purchase

  • 40-50 USD price tag for new players. Content contains Base story Campaign and access to PVP (OW1 disc included). 20-30 USD for owners of OW1 for campaign only.

Pre-Order Bonuses:

Bottom tier Bonus
1 skin and 1 lootbox/or whatever they decide to do for cosmetic unlock now and Exp bonus thing.

Deluxe Bonus
Few skins, some lootboxes, card/poster/mini-fig and pvp exp bonus thing

Collector’s Bonus
Skins, Lootboxes, merchandise, more Exp Bonus, expensive AF model kit and season pass

100% it is “now”

But what there is now is what they :wink: :wink: nudged what would be in the game for launch. They didn’t promise most of the thing people got upset about but neither did they correct expectations. Its the same thing OWL is doing.

They haven’t promised OW2 being launched in 2022. All they’ve said is OWL will be playing an EARLY build in April. That’s it.

wink wink

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my guess is based on what happened for StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, the first expansion of the trilogy needed to play the other chapters of the story campaign:

  • PHASE 1: OW1 is automatically converted to OW2 in the name, making a parallel with the lore (the “new task force”) and communicating to everyone that everything they knew about OW is gone (6v6, hero features etc. )
  • PHASE 2: like Wings of liberty when the third chapter of the SC2 saga (legacy of the void) arrived, the updated game becomes Free to Play, imagining that there will be new requirements to access the comps (perhaps greatly increasing the necessary experience ).
  • PHASE 3: the real dlc, the pve department, is “sold” with a specific price. Maybe announcing from now that it could be a saga of dlc that cover other narrative arcs for the various factions, creating a constant development on the lore.
  • BONUS: new exclusive preorder bundles such as Widowmaker Noire, packages studied in the artistic theme (Pirate skins, vintage skins, etc.), return of some exclusive skins in special collections.

I’m obviously speculating but … I’m building on Blizzard’s background with starCraft, whose Lore / Competitive direction is perhaps the best to follow among all of the company’s franchises.

$40 for the game, $60 for deluxe

My guess is $60 (not sure if they will have a tier above it) for the base game, with some exclusive skins and cross promotions of unlocks in Hearthstone/WoW for pre-ordering.

Id bet on a full priced 60 dollar game. Where pvp is free like they said. If the pve is as in depth and as much to do as they made it sound in blizzcon vid, then full price sounds reasonable to me.

Why do PC players get a disc if everything PC related is going digital? I like the metal case but the disc will just sit in there not used.
What if we get a strike commander Morrison statue in the same style now? Game about the past history showing new soldier and game about the future history shows “old”/young soldier.

I don’t know why but I have a feeling origins editions skins will become permanently unobtainable after OW2 releases to reward players who bought Overwatch or had it before Overwatch 2 was released. Would be a nice way to flex.

I want Noir Widow Skin back :frowning:

I love that skin.

There are those out there who are case collectors for their favorite games.

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$40 entry, $60 for bonuses including skins and such, probably 4 or 5 like original OW. 120 for Collectors Edition with nice physical items. Pvp will go fully f2p.

My hope is they go with the f2p battlepass model.

It’s opposite day!

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Anything pvp is free, so you are not wrong