Overwatch 2 keeps causing BSOD on PC

Had this issue for over a week; computer either displays a blue screen, a dark screen with some on screen elements, or just a lock up of whatever was displaying at the moment. The system completely locks up and I am forced to turn it off by holding the power button.

Not replying to every post that mentions the same issue doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it.

Same issue since the launch of overwach 2.

Not replying to ANY posts regarding this issue means they haven’t seen it in my mind.

My workaround before was to just turn off NVIDIA replay. Then afterwards, when I got the newest NVIDIA driver to 522.25 and DDU’d everything, it worked. No crashes no nothing. Turned back on replay and it was fine. Cut to a new OW update, AND crashes all around. Crashed with the replay on, and now off, it still crashed. Might just consider uninstalling the game since it is only 1 game with instability.

They have replied in several threads, they even sent out tweets about issues from the forums.

Really sorry I haven’t seen them can you please link them? I’ve been looking.

I’m looking at bliz tracker and dev tracker on these forums. I don’t see any posts and the last one on playoverwatch on Twitter, last Twitter post was posted on Oct 21st. Can you please post links?

I’m also having this issue. I’ve never had a single BSOD from this computer before until playing Overwatch 2 (I played Overwatch 1 with no issues).

I have Nvidia Broadcast installed and running, and I can’t really disable it as there’s too much background noise. I’ve only had this issue when in voice chat (using my mic) w/ friends though.

Just had my 2nd BSOD now. Really frustrating. Keeps taking me out of games that were going well and stopping me from playing with my friends.

Had another BSOD immediately after my last. Happened 30 seconds into a game. Caused me to quit (attempting to) play with my my friends as it’s too frustrating being kicked out of every game we play.

Fix this.

i figure out the problem about what Overwatch 2 is causing to our computers besides the broadcast nvidia, aka “watchdogs”. Before i explain how is causing BSOD such triple AAA game, i need to share the errors that it gives to me:


now, the reason that why it happens such BSOD is simple. The game block one of the windows operation, it can be mic, window searcher, app, microsoft softwarte, firmware, etc etc etc. Everytime when theres a turn off on Computer, it happens an BSOD, meaning that something on pc didnt close properly or is froze.

None of the games that i have causes that, i had update everything, uninstall some apps that perhaps is causing conflict but the problem maintains, and i repeat, thats the reason: Overwatch 2 block windows operation function, and when the computer need to make a check up everytime you turn off, close app or between times, instant BSOD.

In another words, overwatch 2 is using a code that conflicts with windows 10 and nvidia at same time.

I have:
Intel(R) Core™ i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz 64bits
16GB ram (they aren in perfect condition)
Nvidia GTX 1050 2gb

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The developers rarely participate in the “we are aware” posts; they’re busy working on the game. There is a pinned post from a Community Manager (Jodie) at the top of this forum that says they are aware of crashes. When they edit that post, it won’t show up as a “new post” in the Blizz tracker, so you just have to monitor it. Other customer support reps replied to other threads about the issue.

Thank you. I appreciate this.

That’s what the Watchdog is for, something in Overwatch causes NVIDIA Broadcast to hang, for too long. The Watchdog decides it’s too long and stops everything.

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Same issue, watchdog exception that only happens in overwatch i have an ASUS b650e-e motherboard, Ryzen 7950x, and RTX 4090 on the latest drivers

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Both me and my wife have problems with OW2.

Ever since the game came out we have the identical issue : The game just freezes. No blue screen, no blue screen sounds. Nothing else but just frozen screen and the whole pc “hangs”.

We both have i7 12700k and we run it stock. We have different ram. Her GPU is 3080 msi mine is 2080 msi. We both use nvme ssd for the installation of the game. We tried uninstalling the game scanning and repairing changing drivers from fresh but nothing seems to help. Sometimes it doesnt happen for days sometimes it happens two times in 3 games. Any suggestions ? No other game does this. Classic Overwatch had no issues prior and we used exactly the same hardware.

Fun thing is, this worked in OW2 beta and OW1. I’ve played a lot of it, and it never crashed my PC.
Now I have game crashes every few hours.
Sometimes even during queue :smile:

So no, it’s definitely because of overwatch 2.

Did they add some new stupid anticheat software?

Does anybody knows, if the problem with Overwatch 2 and nvidia Broadcast or other RTX Voice software is still a thing? Cuz after i deinstalled nvidia broadcast back in November '22, there where no crashes anymore. But i really want to use nvidia broadcast again… Is it save now? Reply from tech support would be great, whether the problem is fixed

Better to uninstall the drivers also with Display Driver Uninstaller and then reinstall after all the other fixes.
(Do the driver uninstall and reinstall last)