Overwatch 2 is unoptimized for PC

Hi guys so I want to start off by saying I’ve been playing Overwatch on Pc since 2018 and The Original Overwatch use to run like butter on my old Rig.


Which was i5- 6600k. GTX 970

And I do consider my self a bit of computer guy. and I am running OW 2 on a New PC
I5- 6600k , GTX 1070 Ti [8 gigs]

So lets get to the point
The IND back in OW 1 was always 20 and always remained 20

While OW 2 on default was the IND on 22
and it just spikes up randomly. and its runs like its having a struggle to go on.

I don’t get it why? Everything on my pc is optimzed for gaming to the point I am using windows lite [Only important programs that are needed]
My nvidia settings are all set to performance mode and I have high performance on

I even launch and run OW from the ow folder instead of Battle net incase battle net would cause any lag. and I only have OW running along side Discord

I have seen streamers with GOD TIER pc’s have the same lag I do, although some have it to a lesser extent.

So is OW 2 unpotimzed for pc? is this a console game that was badly ported to PC or is just a buggy unpotimized mess?

Again reminder, I have everything on optimize and I have NOTHING OVERCLOCKED

I’m on A 500 GB HDD


its def not optimized but what fixed some issues for me was setting overwatch .exe to high priority in task manager.

though if ur planning on running other applications in the background while playing on high priority it might lag those programs

Before upgrading PCs, my previous one had an i3 10100 and a GTX 1650 in it and ran the game on mostly high/ultra settings at a locked 80fps, with almost zero dips ever and no stuttering. Even in team fights it wouldn’t dip at all. This was backed by frametime graphs…

It sounds like you’ve got something else going on with your system. The fact that you’re getting those problems, with the game set to ultra ultra ultra low like that, is a sign there’s something choking your CPU.

Bad drivers, bad snake oil tweaks, bad security softwares, bad/out of date BIOS or settings, failing hardware, bad seating, bad thermal paste/inadequate cooling, etc. There are a lot of things that can hitch the CPU, but OW is a surprisingly well optimized game.

Nah that won’t fix anything, you just placebo’d yourself.


This is your problem. Windows OS and pretty much anything nowadays isn’t optimised for slow HDD’s. Get yourself an SSD and modernize.

This isn’t an Overwatch problem.


yea i think something is def wrong with my cpu since its at avery high percentage in task manager whenever im doing anything

my pc is 7 years old though and i prob wont touch it again until i either get a new one or upgrade my current specs but ill prob have to upgrade a lot of things so a new one will prob just be better

Yes the game runs way worse objectively. They even listed higher system requirements for it which just further confirms that.

With that said higher ind can also be a connection issue but will go up if the performance drops too.

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I don’t want to sound arogant but :thinking: how is this new? The cpu is from 2015 and the gpu from 2017.

But IND was the interpolation delay and the battle.net site states 50-60ms are normal.


Can I just ask why this random tidbit matters?

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I ran overwatch on my commodore 64 and I was enjoying my blazing 1 frame per decade.


I’m not sure about other countries but you can find a 1TB SSD for under £90 these days here in the UK. SSDs are extremely affordable now. I suggest looking to get one if you can.

As someone who used a HDD up until 2020, a upgrade to a SSD is absolutely worth it.


I dont like to bring bad news up. But there is a substantial issue we are finding in the world of Computers and that is Intel doesn’t play nice with Overwatch.

I could go down the rabit hole on how there is some conspiracy that AMD vs INTEL and how money is being thrown around to prevent one or the other from being successful. but the reality is. We build both Intel and AMD computers for people. Whatever they ask for, we sell them. AMD and intel are like the whole Ford and Chevy debate.

On paper they are both a “vehicle” but there are folks that believe that Ford out performs Chevy and so fourth.

So to “cut to the chase” our findings are pretty much easy enough to summarize that AMD plays Overwatch “smooth” while Intel for some reason is choppy and gets frequent spikes.

That is our findings anyway. I could care less about AMD vs INTEL or etc. I’ve owned both and use Overwatch and Hunt: Showdown as “test games” and to our findings a basic RYZEN 5 7600 plays Overwatch very smooth just with an RTX 2060. compared to the many 2016-2023 intel processors on i5, i7 and i9. Just always some strange “bump” that occurs randomly on those cpu s .

My test card is always an RTX 2060 Founders, got it directly from Nvidia and out of the various ram sticks I’ve used throughout the years. I stick with CORSAIR RAM now, and avoid Kingston and G.skill anymore (yeesh).

My opinions aren’t right, thats just my experience. if someone else is having better luck with stuff and making things work. :+1: glad someone is.

And they are still using FSR 1.0 upscaling which has terrible image quality .

I stayed pegged at 300 fps, game is not “Unoptimized” and I don’t even that high end of a PC.

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Basically they messed (family friend words used) up with rendering code, the graphics are literally same, but they broken the entire render code. OW2 devs doing they job, breaking things.

Is not placebo, setting process priority can affect in how the process will use system resources comparated to another processes. Setting to high or realtime (dangerous) will ensure game process will be scheduled to process tasks first than other processes. Realtime is dangerous because can literally freeze your PC forever (till you turn off manually removing cables) if your CPU is not good enough.

Overwatch 2 have a serious problem with multithreading, even the game in idle state (eg. in main menu) the game have a huge cpu consumption.

Nah, it really doesn’t work like that. It’s best to let the Windows scheduler handle it all. It knows the difference between foreground and background cycles. Changing the priority to high just asks for hiccups because eventually, the background tasks are going to get backed up, then they will have to run for many more cycles at one time vs staggering them out over time.

Let’s say you’re getting 100fps. Which is worse? Adding 1ms to the 10ms frame times for a couple seconds or adding 50ms to the frame times for half a second? Obviously the latter because that would look and feel like hitching/stuttering. So messing with process priority is a total noob move that should almost always be avoided and raising the priority will almost never result in more than a single % difference in any of the frame time metrics like average, 1%, 0.1%, etc.

That’s a different issue. It does a shader cache check what seems once per day or so. It will stay at high CPU usage for minutes at a time, then drop to like 2% when it’s done. Realistically, they need an “idiot light” message explaining that it’s compiling or verifying shaders. But once it’s done, it runs like butter. Oh and if you start a match before it’s done, the game will run like a choppy mess until it finishes checking. Probably tied to the anticheat engine checking to make sure people aren’t editing shaders for things like wallhacks and stuff

If it’s any consolation this is also the case on my Series S (previously One X). Not sure why it’s the case on a technical level.

I dunno dude

im on

ryzen 5800x
1 tb samsung 980 pro ssd
32gb 3600mhz 16cl ram

I run the game on low but in 1440p, stable 150 fps and my ping never spikes.


literally no issues.

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You dont get lags cos you locked your self on 80 fps
I Cant do that since it causes input lag
I cap mine on 176

Do you think storage doesn’t matter for performance? Because if you do, you’d be painfully wrong.

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Ok so will not discuss with someone that don’t even know what talking about and save my words. I recommend https://www.microsoftpressstore.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2233328&seqNum=7 and there many and many resources you can found on google. Also try search Unreal Shader Compiler Priority Problem