Overwatch 2 Forecast: Festivities, friends, and a definite chance of Winter Wonderland!


Thanks I hate it.


Cause they want to artificially keep inflating interest in the game with new players. It’s no secret that many longtime fans aren’t happy with the state of the game/its future. It’s extended to even the content creators at this point.

This is just to temporarily silence the creators whining.

It’s heartbreaking to see what happened to this franchise. At least with end of OW1 life people had faith 2 would revitalize interest. Now that it’s out people are worried and giving up


Honestly thought the same exact thing. Mei’s snowball modes are basically unplayable for me because Blizzard reverses my inputs and I can’t unreverse them. I bind icicle to M1 and they force me to use a different button that my brain just can’t adjust to after 300 hours on Mei using icicle on M1.

Then freezethaw elimination, again because I use different inputs, doesn’t actually tell me what button I need to press to thaw a teammate. It just says “Hold to thaw”. Okay, thanks, but hold WHAT to thaw???

So getting 6 challenges done for me in these horrible game modes is just depressing. Wish they had said win 20 QP matches or something instead. At least that would be possible for me.


Nobodies hyped for events anymore since everything’s just twitch drops/store crap.

They removed the incentives to get excited for any events with the current monetization model


Idk if I should be disappointed or happy that I don’t have to grind the twitch rewards since already have them.


Cool, I’m playing Yetti and my opposing team doesn’t really know what happened. 100% these guys played this gamemode for the first time in their lives [this is my 5th winter wonderland] so i won this crap for the first 30s… Thx blizzard. I hate this game mode so… Never again ^^

So why i say this? Because this is how work this damn MM in 95% time… One team has veterans - other team has newbie…

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Canon things;

Moira: loves baking
Reaper: absolutely loves cookies

Gives spray to Ana and Reinhardt (who looks like he’s legitimately wearing a santa version of reaper’s coat)

(Ok maybe I’m just a bit mad because it took them a billion years to give Reaper a cookie Emote, and then they do some cookie spray and it’s not even him involved)

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This game is gonna be dead so fast. Overwatch 1 was more exciting, leveling up and opening loot boxes. Now it’s buy skin, buy battle pass, level battle pass up. I’m done.


I’ll be skipping this skin. I really can’t stand those gamemodes. I too don’t even have the achievement sprays because of it.
Well, I guess they at least lEt uS eARn sOmEThiNg via gameplay (other than sprays and crap) instead of it all being store trash and Twitch drops but… ugh.
What a great event.

You know when they got a lot of flak for their last Lunar New Year event cuz they only had like 2 Legendaries and 3 Epics (earnable as weekly rewards just for playing whatever modes)? Yeah we truly did not know how bad it could get.


New players won’t know or don’t care if this is a recycled event. They make easy money by nothing.

They don’t care about the OG players. They want us gone.


rerelease frosty roadhog and elf junkrat

Wow nothing but a free player icon? Blizzard has become so much worse. OW 2 is a massive disappointment


wasn’t there supposed to be the winged victory mercy skin as part of the event? or is it in the next one?

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Yeah they make more money by getting rid of old players and only catering to the new ones. It’s sad. It’s not even like i can go back to the first game


They were too embarrassed to try to hype this since it’s the same events from OW1. So much for a new game when they just recycle, recycle, recycle.

Should tell us that they couldn’t even create a new event in their PvE engine. Perhaps because people gave such bad feedback about the halloween event which looked like they were trying to show off their new tech and it was pretty basic.


iiiiiiim sorry. okay.

I really do not like Overwatch (2) .

Its just not the same without Overwatch 1.

I would make a statement about a yule log stream. but I just don’t feel like it is home anymore when it comes to Overwatch.


If i HAVE to spend money on previously released skins, atleast make Mistletoe Symm available. Then i can buy something id actually use.

I only wanted the Mercy skin from that trailer. It’s not in the event?

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So wonderful come spend money in our shop , no thanks.


Ignoring glairing balance issues but still releasing ‘pretty skins’ and ‘super generous twitch drops’

Give me a break, your game is a mess. Ranked is completely redundant and each new patch note feels like a lazier attempt at gaslighting than the last.

Turned and avid fan sour. One of many I assume. Trash dev team