Overwatch 2 developer blog: Season 1 updates with new executive producer, Jared Neuss

It was out of character for them to make a jab at the players, but it is funny though. Not like laughing, just more of a chuckle, but funny

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Let’s see if they follow through.

That’s what it feels like.

Reminder that we used to get 1 epic skin for completing 9 wins or that 27 point system each week of an event.

God help us.

yeah lets take a jab at Moira players who already get tons of hate, funny


Im okay watching Twitch streams, at least the drops are working smoothly and you can see your watch progress.

YT on the other hand, you’ll never know when that little diamond icon will disappear.


Honeslty a lot of the writting felt “How do you do fellow kids”.


Not people getting offended by being called a DPS Moira…

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The dps Moira players earn the hate

If you’re a good team player and do well, you won’t get hate(at least from your team). Hate from the enemy team is who cares, they’re salty dogs no matter what if you win. Just turn the text chat off, it’s pointless.


7/20 isn’t that bad.

A good medium would be 5/10 but it also depends on the AI learning of the system which tbh clearly needs some tuning :rofl:

Welcome Jared. I hope you can tell us if we get some gameplay preview for Ramattra.

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Support reworks? Make Mercy a skillful hero, rework her to be damage oriented.

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scrap this GARBAGE matchmaking algorithm already. no mmr BS. players with even sr play against eachother. #NO_MMR

also new sr system sucks and you know it

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For someone like me it is. I dont have time to play a lot maybe a couple matches a day. I grinded for 4 days to get my most recent rank update. I got placed in my same exact bracket after a 4 day grind…

I play comp 1-2 a week. It keeps a record of your games and works it out. I went from silver 5 to Silver 1 in one jump. If you’re placed in the same rank it’s not down to how long it takes to win but a multitude of other factors.

KDA, raw scores, HOW you play etc. It’s not always a guarantee you’re going to rank up. You may have plataeued out…

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Cool, give me my OWL rewards please.


This is literally a fluff piece with no substance. Usual platitudes and pats on the head without anything concrete being offered.

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Ah yes watching streams to get skins im sure that concept wont completely fail and reward people with nothing :rofl:

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yeah i agree with all that. All im saying is with SR the update every match was a much better system for someone like me with limited time

Where’s my OWL tokens and skins huh? You scammed us didn’t you? You just gonna ignore us and update the shop right? Yay discount bundles and soulless souvenirs!!


It’s better than radio silence, that’s for sure.

Let’s hope they deliver, thought don’t be surprised if they don’t.