Osei, hint of a "government" hero?

There is audio in the PVE that I think deserves a special note on the future of Overwatch storytelling. I often say that the Petras Acts is too much an underrated element in the governmental lawlessness it represents, even in an emergency situation such as a second omnic crisis.

Osei communicates to winston something more official from the usual torjorn, mercy or sojourn that they weren’t entirely convinced that Overwatch should return. and it makes me hope that we will finally have a character in the lore who wants to prevent overwatch from returning fearing the same mistakes of blackwatch past. i always thought that this role would have been played by Pharah with the character they gave her in her first comic in the Helix, but in my opinion it is absolutely fair to think that the government does not fully agree that overwatch should return and that they will still send someone who want to arrest new overwatch members or… refer to organizations of some cassidy team members (MEKA, russian army, etc.)

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